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Red Army lose more ground in Stalingrad; New York Times map shows battle for city (but underestimates German gains): http://t.co/KVLcLsm8c0

Swiss government decides not to admit Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied France; border guards ordered to turn back refugees. http://t.co/ADEzmG8aHY

Halder: "Farewell to the Führer. My nerves are worn out, his too". Hitler now demands "fanatical faith in the Idea". http://t.co/VhnJjlMREb

Gen. Halder's most recent "defeatist" act: calculating German casualties in USSR. 1,637,280 killed, missing, wounded. http://t.co/BDw3WEGZLP

Hitler has an explosive break with German High Command, sacking Chief of General Staff Franz Halder, for "pessimism": http://t.co/cBcYgLdG31

Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

<i>Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience</i> places visitors aboard the most successful submarine in World War II for its fifth and final war patrol …

New Orleans

9/24/1944-More Airborne paratroopers drop into Holland during Operation Market Garden. via @WWIImuseum http://t.co/yn04jTUeEB

Superfortress, 1st designed to bomb Nazi Europe if Britain fell, can fly higher & faster than any almost Axis fighter http://t.co/MwkcR2WpLT

The world's largest bomber has made 1st flight: Boeing B-29 "Superfortress" can carry own weight, 20,000lbs, in bombs http://t.co/0BSamoHzRy

9/18/1944-Airborne troops behind the German lines in Holland examine a "cracked up" glider via @WWIImuseum http://t.co/BK1RwzdRcf

9/17/1944-Operation Market Garden begins. C-47s carry paratroopers into Holland. Via @WWIImuseum #OTD http://t.co/d7Jjwhn11F

#OTD gear like this was used by 1st Allied Airborne paratroopers who dropped into Holland #OperationMarketGarden http://t.co/gvkU6Gcwh3

German drive south towards Black Sea oilfield has stalled in Caucasus Mountains- vital troops diverted to Stalingrad. http://t.co/bBEWYKK2aa

Some good news for Hitler from USSR: Gen. von Paulus reports "All Stalingrad will be captured in a matter of days." http://t.co/ACk5LcrKqn

US Pres. warns of "cost of living" crisis; Roosevelt asks Americans to give more for war as food prices spiral up. http://t.co/r0GOFvLFxT

Wehrmacht are slowly forcing way into Stalingrad; German bombing choked city with rubble, ideal for street fighting. http://t.co/nJ4lPAW7qV

Japanese forced back from south coast of Papua, as Australians win 1st victory over invaders at port of Milne Bay. http://t.co/cN3DLgv1Ar

Red Army assault to defend Stalingrad crushed in hours; 30/120 tanks destroyed by Luftwaffe without ever seeing enemy http://t.co/CTm9AlvjkH

Swampy jungle of Papua New Guineau leads to brutal close combat; Australians sneak forward to ambush & grenade tanks. http://t.co/INM00R3j6J

Rumkowski rules Lodz ghetto ruthlessly forcing collaboration & factory work, believing Nazis will spare "useful" Jews http://t.co/nC6wdajDL9

Chaim Rumkowski, head of Lodz Ghetto's Jewish council, ordered by Nazis to round up 20,000 for deportation to camps. http://t.co/bZyl2SUvuX

Australian govt. announces new austerity war measures: entertainments, luxury meals, alchohol & smoking heavily taxed http://t.co/JcKgHPz1SW

Australians warned to cut down "fun & games" like cinema & dog racing; Japanese advances in Papua threaten invasion. http://t.co/0sEnyhiPrN

Fresh German offensive in Egypt has bogged down almost immediately, mired in British minefields & strafed by RAF. http://t.co/tEfV6X1tWH

Nazi empire in Europe now stretches from the Atlantic to the river Volga, from the Arctic Circle, far south to Libya. http://t.co/aICH5A29J3

In Egypt, Rommel is scraping together exhausted German forces for 1 final assault on Allies, hoping to take Cairo. http://t.co/VF11UkHItf

Mountainous Kokoda Track turns to mudslide in torrential rains- all combatants suffer starvation, dysentery & malaria http://t.co/XWbjmARbzY

Wounded Australians evacuated by Papuan natives, nicknamed "angels"- fallen Japanese abandoned as invaders press on. http://t.co/N5fcvdhcs7

RT @WWIIEducation: Music & munitions mix on US battleship before bombing of Saipan, 8/29/44. US Navy, Gift of Charles Ives, @WWIImuseum http://t.co/fPd234CPND

8/29/1944-A US battleship prepares for the thunderous barrage preceding the landings on Guam via @WWIImuseum #wwii http://t.co/Qlu1ySHiDM