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Guide to Life: How to Change a Light Switch

Science continues to prove that lighting affects our energy level, mood and sleep patterns more than we think — plus, it plays a tremendous role in …

These Willow Gazebos Give New Meaning to "Living Rooms"

We'll take one of these in our backyard, please.<p>A willow tree and a gazebo are each beautiful on their own. But together, they create a truly breathtaking sight that makes for an unforgettable garden element. Artist Bonnie Gale specializes in creating these structures, which involve weaving the …

After a shooting and a cross-country trip, orphaned grizzly bear sisters make their zoo debut

The two sister grizzly bears foraged on Native American tribal grounds not far from the edges of Glacier National Park in Montana with no mama bear in sight. They became orphaned after their mother was shot.<p>The cubs weren’t going to survive on their own, especially with one having suffered gunshot …


Wonderful DIY Crafts for Your Home

We have gathered here some out of the box ideas to give your home a pretty classic look simply by handicrafts items that you can easily create from …

This DIY Rustic Cooler Made From an Old Fridge Will Be a Hit at Your Summer Parties

With just $40 for supplies, standard tools and a free day or two, you can turn your old fridge into an attractive backyard cooler.<p>Hosting a ton of people in your yard can be a logistical ordeal, with people constantly running in and out of the house, but with this brilliant DIY mega cooler, you can …

NASA to Announce a 'Discovery Beyond Our Solar System'

Wednesday should be a big day for humanity’s understanding of space, as NASA is set to announce a major discovery related to exoplanets.<p>The space …


82 False Killer Whales Confirmed Dead After Mysterious Stranding In Florida

A tragic incident struck the coast of Florida in Everglades National Park on Monday when 95 false killer whales, a type of dolphin that earned its …

Everglades National Park

How to see the lunar eclipse, New Year Comet and snow moon tonight

If you love looking up at the night sky, then this week you're in for a celestial treat.<p>Tonight stargazers will be able to see not one, but three spectacular astronomical events.<p>Firstly, a lunar eclipse will take place on the same day as February's snow moon. Then the New Year comet will whoosh …

Strong Storms Cause Flooding in Central California

Flooding from strong storms lead to evacuations in central California and road closures near Yosemite National Park.


Mother explains how she and her baby were sucked into a tornado.

Amanda Stockfelt says her only thought was how would she hold onto her baby's car seat as the tornado pulled them off the ground and into the air.


Broken Dam Floods Homes in Nevada

A broken dam in Elko County, Nevada, flooded farmland and homes and stopped Union Pacific trains.



'Minibrains' Could Help Drug Discovery For Zika And For Alzheimer's

Some tiny clusters of brain cells grown in a lab dish are making big news at this week's Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego.<p>Known as "minibrains," these rudimentary networks of cells are small enough to fit on the head of a pin, but already are providing researchers with insights into …

Alzheimer's Disease

Sexual relations between a monkey and a deer uncovered by researchers

While photographing monkeys on a Japanese island, Alexandre Bonnefoy saw something he didn’t expect: a male snow monkey engaging in sexual behavior …

Zero-gravity genomics passes first test

Two experiments demonstrate sample transfer and sequencing in a low-gravity environment.<p>After 160 swoops in NASA’s zero-gravity aeroplane, …

Johns Hopkins University

Polar bear cam to show bears' response to declining sea ice

A camera attached to the neck of a female polar bear shows two bears breaking through ice sheets to hunt for prey.<p>The US Geological Survey hopes the camera will help researchers better understand how the animals are responding to declining sea ice levels.<p><i>Footage courtesy of US Geographical Survey</i>

Global Warming

The strange, shifting world of Antarctica | CNN Travel


Total sea ice levels on Earth lower than ever before recorded

Arctic sea ice levels have been plummeting, and once again, the total amount of sea ice we have on our planet is currently at a record low. One …

An Antarctic ecologist says humpback whales will be fine in 2017! Everything else, not so much

The consequences of climate change in the poles can be a hard sell for disinterested Earth residents. Sympathy for polar bears afloat shrinking ice platforms to the north and dwindling penguin populations to the south only goes so far, and dense academic papers on the other end of the spectrum …

Humpback Whales

A bear in the air as grizzly seems to levitate over water in perfectly timed photo

Somebody's hit the paws button...<p>A grizzly bear appears to hover above water as he dramatically leaps over the surface of a creek in pursuit of …


The massive rift in the Antarctic ice shelf has already gained more than 6 miles in 2017

A massive iceberg the size of Delaware is now even closer to breaking free from Antarctica, due to a huge, widening crack in the Larsen ice shelf that's not showing any signs of stopping.<p>Satellite imagery reveals that this gigantic rift now extends for 175 km (108.7 miles), having already gained an …

Global Warming


Elephants given sweaters to warm up in India

It's not every day that you see an elephant wearing a sweater. A group of rescued elephants was given the cozy clothing last week to help keep them …

Endangered Species

An Animatronic Spy Captures the Variety of Ingenious Ways Sea Otters Utilize Their Bellies

In a clip from the PBS version of the BBC Series “Spy in the Wild“, an animatronic sea otter captured the rather ingenious ways in which fellow …

What Happens If Affordable Birth Control Isn't Available

The effects are devastating.<p>If you could do something that would improve your health, reduce stress, help keep you in school or work, and improve your romantic relationships, would you? Us too, and it's why so many women take birth control. It's also why the potential for no-copay birth control and …

Health Care

Methane News Raises A Stink In San Francisco

One of the benefits of urban living is that you rarely have to worry about where your waste goes. Between widespread recycling schemes, reliable sewage systems and regular bin collections, cities make it very easy to throw away anything you might want to get rid of. But, as I have been known to say …

Fossil Fuels

Devastating weather hits U.S., killing at least 22

The Week in Review: Obama’s Final Foreign Presidential Trip

President Barack Obama‘s final international tour as commander in chief took him to Greece and Germany this week before spending the weekend in Peru.<p>During his speeches, press conferences and tours he focused on shoring up U.S. ties with other countries following the shock election win of …