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7 Ways to Have the Most Efficient Day Ever

4 Ways Millennials are Changing the Legal Industry

The MerusCase team has come up with the 4 most monumental ways that millennials are changing the legal industry (for the better, we think)!

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed with balancing your professional and personal life? Check out these 3 easy tips that will help you work smarter, not …

5 Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

MerusCase is rounding up 5 easy-to-use Chrome extensions that are sure to boost your productivity in the office!

How to Use Dual Monitors to Increase Productivity by 50%

When it comes to working in an office, two screens are definitely better than one. Recent research suggest productivity is boosted by up to 50% with …

Law Firm Blogging Best Practices

Are you interested in scaling your firm's marketing strategy? Check out our comprehensive list of blogging best practices!

How to Make Time for Social Media

Today's lawyer needs to make time for social media, period. Ruth Carter from Carter Law Firm shows us how.

3 Reasons You Need a Blog to Get More Clients

Haven't started a blog yet? Here are 3 reasons why you should and how it will help you get more clients.

Paid vs. Owned vs. Earned Media: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know the difference between Paid, Owned, and Earned media? Click here to learn more about these types of media and their importance for your …

How to Use the New Facebook Profile as a Marketing Tool

Notice the updated look of your Facebook profile on mobile? Check out these tips for using it as a personal marketing tool for your business!

Law Firm Marketing Measurements That Matter

Do you know which marketing metrics actually matter when it comes to measuring success? This blog post covers everything you need to know!

6 Marketing Mistakes That Are Draining Your Budget

A smart marketer knows how to execute a killer marketing campaign. Here's how to avoid the cost-sucking mistakes that are destroying your marketing …

3 Ideas to Add to Your Legal Marketing To-do List

Need help coming up with new ways to market your firm? Check out these 3 tips MerusCase has for you.

10 Incredible Stock Photos Resources for Law Firms

How to Stay Secure in the Cloud

9 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Legal Practice Management System

Thinking about using a legal practice management system for your firm? Consider these 9 questions before taking the dive.

How to Form Habits That Stick

Stuck trying to create some habits and not sure how to make it happen? We're sharing our secret sauce in this blog post!

How to Create HIPAA-Compliant Passwords

Need help crafting the perfect password? Check out these simple and helpful tips for creating a secure, HIPAA compliant password.

4 Tips for Building Lifelong Client Relationships

Want to know the key to establishing a successful practice? Develop and maintain strong client relationships. Believe it or not, it really is that …

7 Tips to Help Your Law Firm Conquer HIPAA-Compliance

Lets face it, HIPAA rules and regulations can get confusing. Check out these 7 basic tips to make sure your firm is compliant!

How to Become a Better-Spoken Lawyer

Is it time to brush up on those public speaking skills of yours? Check out these great tips from Everlaw!