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(Photosynthesis) This assignment showed me different uses of photosynthesis. It made me aware how useful photosynthesis is.

(Movement of Molecules into and out of the Cell - Cell Transport) I was passionate about the gummy bear lab, as it took a component I get very happy about when seeing. Food! It was a very interesting experiment as I got to see how the gummy bear transformed after absorbing the water. (Osmosis)

(Movement of Molecules into and out of the Cell - Cell Transport) In the grape osmosis lab, I learned about what an isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic solution was. This lab helped me by physically seeing what happened to each grape as it went into each solution. I was very intrigued by this process and it engaged an interest in me I didn't know I had before this lab.

(Study Skills and Learning New Information) This is a collection of stories I have had playing Kahoot! and how it has improved my learning ability in Honors Biology.

(Cell Division - Interphase and Mitosis) This is a description on an activity we had in class, The Dance of the Chromosomes.

(Collaboration and Teamwork) This is a description on how I've learned to collaborate with other students and use teamwork skills for activities in class such as labs.

(Self-Learning) This is a short story on my first day of school experience in Honors Biology

Reflection Introduction

(Science and Laboratory Skills) I have accomplished finishing labs we have done this semester while obeying all of these safety skills and keeping my area clean and organized.


Hand wash Lab Title: Scrub-a-dub dub Objective: To find the best way possible to clean your hands. Hypothesis: We predicted that the hands that were …

Charles and Emma Book Trailer


A lab I've done over the first semester that has brought great interest and new learning towards me is the Inquiry Microscope Lab. I viewed pond water and horse hair cells under a microscope and learned new science and laboratory skills as well as cell structure. This was around the first time I started learning the components of a microscope and I improved in the use of it from this lab.

I am very proud to show my knowledge in photosynthesis as well as cellular respiration, and I am now aware on how our bodies function and how we get and produce our energy. I felt more aware on myself after learning about this topic.

I've been passionate about my summer reading book, Charles and Emma. It went in depth about evolution, and this helped me learn the possible ways of life.

I have learned better study habits and have shown improvement on my test scores when truly working hard to achieve a good grade. Honors Biology has helped push me to become a better student by making me study harder and attempt for the best grades and learning experience possible

I have learned a lot throughout the course of this school year in Honor's Biology. I'm honored to have learned so much in educational purposes as well as some study skills I will hold on for my whole life.

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