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BEAST! More Motivation at Bodybuilding Motivation | Quotes | Videos | Photos

Is this your goal body? Fitness Models

To celebrate 2014 we are looking back at the most popular models from the 2013 Swimsuit Issue! No. 1.... Kate Upton!

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Talk about a transformation! Bodybuilding Motivation | Quotes | Videos | Photos

6'5" (195cm) 315lbs (143kg) Vince Urbank, absolute tank More Photos at Bodybuilding Motivation | Quotes | Videos | Photos

OneShot Photography

NEW YEAR, NEW MUSCLE: Tried and tested routines from the all-time greats to help you pack on freaky size for 2014->

Fit is SEXY! LIKE us: Addicted to the GYM

Scary Ninja!! (Let's hope she gets some protective Bull-it Jeans on before she rides)

Too See a Short But Weird Video Showing Surprising Foods and Tips to Customized Fat Loss-- Click Here . .

The new Austrian Oak? Calum von Moger is half Arnold Schwarzenegger , half Official Greg Plitt Fan Page and 100% awesome! Check out these 15 Instagram posts.

Roelly "The Beast" Winklaar discusses dropping water for a contest, the best type of fish for dieting, and more ->

Here are five of the most beneficial exercises to lift breasts: - See more at:

Exercise and Training are NOT the same thing. Learn the crucial difference between the two. Let me ask you a question: Are you "Training" today, or are you "Exercising"? If it's the latter, then you're in a world of trouble. Exercise is something done momentarily for the effects it produces today, NOT tomorrow. There's no great benefit from "exercising", except for posting pictures and statuses to your Facebook in a false sense of dignity as though it points to some sort of tangible achievement. If there was any actual achievement, I'd be witnessing changes in body composition and performance in the gym. But I don't: Jane is still fat running on the treadmill - "I just don't understand why I'm not losing weight, I'm exercising 5 times per week!"; Joe is still benching 60kg for 8 reps a year on and complaining he "Can't make gains"; "It's my metabolism / genetics". Let's cut the bullshit. "Exercise" itself is NOT enough to produce results. Because exercise is far too frequently just a random collection of movements thrown together in an ill attempt to give you some sense of accomplishment. You know, and I know, that's not enough if you're serious about results. Exercise alone just doesn't cut it. You might as well call washing the dishes a forearm workout, or go back to claiming football satisfies your leg development (we've all heard that one, chicken legs). Now, training. Here's the fundamental difference between the two: training is anything but unfocused energy. Training has direction, purpose, and tangible goals, and when combined with the right intensity, this translates to RESULTS. Training is something everyone who is serious in the gym performs. Nothing is "left to chance" like the lost exercise slaves; we're producing forced intensity towards an achievable, practical goal. Whether we're trying to reach a 100kg bench for the first time, deadlift a record PB or produce more force development for boxing or MMA, training is the engine that drives progress and puts the cogs in motion. Because it's applied, focused intensity that depends on effective programming and execution. We're NOT just throwing together random bullshit and hoping for the best - we're more serious than that. Which category do you fall into? If it's exercise, I highly suggest you to reevaluate the direction you're taking in the gym. Exercise alone is not enough to build muscle, make you stronger or burn bodyfat. What you need to do is start training. No excuses, no B/S, just hard work and effective programming. Join the Nation and get an effective, results-producing training program today:

We all have days when we just do not go to the gym. Does not mean that those must be lazy days - See more at:

The weekend workout can be done in just an hour a day. Isn’t it easy? - See more at:

When you stretch focus on the muscles that will be involved in the exercise that follows - See more at:

FLEX's cure for your case of the Monday's...a new FLEX Bikini Diva gallery -->>

Be the girl which all men are looking after.-See more at:

New York City rooftop back in 2001: My photo that became known as "The Abs Shot", and was on the cover of the original Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle book. Want to know how I got my abs so razor sharp? Here is the EXACT routine I used for the 12 weeks before that photo shoot: The 8-Pack Abs Giant Set. a) Hanging Straight Leg Raise b) Hanging Knee Up c) Leg Raise to Hip Lift Combo d) Reverse Crunch on Incline Bench e) Crunches 5 exercises in a row, non stop. Rest 60-90 seconds between each circuit. Enjoy! (I followed the exact same nutrition, workout & cardio principles that I teach in my book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle ==> #burnthefat #amazon #fitness

FLEXOnline delivers Kai Green's 10 Big Back Principles, as the Predator explains his unorthodox back training! >>