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Hacking the Emergency Alert System Is Funny Until It's Not

Some jokester hacked into the Emergency Alert System in Montana and warned that "dead bodies are rising from their graves" on Monday. Everybody seems to think this is hilarious.<p>This article is from the archive of our partner .<p>Some jokester hacked into the Emergency Alert System in Montana and …

Missile threat alert for Hawaii a false alarm; officials blame employee who pushed 'wrong button'

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> An emergency alert notification sent out on Saturday claiming a "ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii" was a false alarm, according to state leaders and emergency officials, who blamed it on an employee who "pushed the wrong button."<p>"BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO …

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Hawaii missile mess: That was no 'wrong button.' Take a look.

<b>Video by Go Banking Rates</b><p>Pushing the “wrong button” was the explanation provided in an official timeline for that false warning that scared the devil …

Hawaii officials give timeline of events surrounding false alarm

State officials have released a timeline of events leading up to and following a false emergency alert sent on Saturday that warned people across …


False Missile Warning in Hawaii Adds to Scrutiny of Emergency Alert System

WASHINGTON — A false alert sent to cellphones across Hawaii on Saturday warning of an incoming ballistic missile is calling attention to an emergency notification system that government officials at all levels say needs major improvements.<p>The Federal Communications Commission said it was opening a …

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hawaii emergency alert - Twitter Search

I swear, every time I hear the alarm from the <b>Hawaii</b> <b>Emergency</b> <b>Alert</b> I keep thinking it’s a ballistic missile attack. It’s like PTSD.<p>1 reply 4 retweets …

@PacificCommand The emergency alert claiming a ballistic missile attack was inbound was sent at 8:08AM. It took until 8:45AM to state it was a false alarm. 37 minutes where anyone in Hawaii who doesn’t sit on Twitter dot com all day thought their island might be incinerated. Fire people. Fix it.

Scott on Twitter: "This is the full text of the emergency alert that was mistakenly issued for Hawaii.… "

Hawaii Emergency Management sends out message saying the missile alert is a false alarm 45 minutes later

Seriously, whoever is working the emergency alert system in #Hawaii needs to be fired.

This 'Emergency Alert' was transmitted to every 'SmartPhone' in Hawaii this morning. It was a mistake - a false alarm. Someone is going to be looking for a new job tomorrow...

JUST IN: @Hawaii_EMA, Rep. @TulsiGabbard confirm there is no missile threat to Hawaii, despite emergency alert

#BREAKING: Hawaii emergency management accidentally sends out an alert of an incoming missile.


So this emergency alert message was sent to phones all around the hawaii area and it turned out to be “just a mistake.” To me a mistake is getting the license plate one digit off on an amber alert and quickly fixing it not a freaking ballistic missile launch alert oh my god.