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VR camera rotation without nausea: a counterintuitive discovery • Darshan Shankar

Instead of rotating the planet & its surface objects, rotate the player around the planet.<p>Since the player is in a fixed position in space, you’ll …

Being a samurai, a princess, a red-horned demon, a husband and a father all in a day is the typical life of 37-year-old Japanese Kabuki actor Takatoshi Horikoshi, who succeeds the stage name Ebizo Ichikawa XI (@ebizoichikawa.ebizoichikawa) from one of the most prestigious houses of Kabuki actors in Japan. Ebizo is always looking for ways to open up the centuries-old Japanese performing arts to the global community and educate people about its strong influence on his country’s culture. “I want people to notice the colors,” he points out, along with the exquisite makeup techniques, the traditional costumes and the overall aesthetics iconic of Japan. “I sometimes hear stories of renowned talents from other countries gaining their inspiration from Japanese culture,” says Ebizo. “Many of those things have their roots in Kabuki, and I want to tell the world more about it.” Photo of @ebizoichikawa.ebizoichikawa by Shinsuke Yasui

Zeher hai ki pyaar hai Tera Chumma !!! @ranveersingh the eagle has ur face...LITERALLY !!!

Apple vs. Android: Does The Technology We Use Influence the Way We Travel?

<i>Courtesy: FirmBee</i><p>When it comes to phones and tablets, there are die-hard Apple users and those who swear by Android. But do their differing tastes in technology influence other parts of their lives? To find out, hotel search analyzed travel differences between Apple and Android users in …

2015 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

Logo Lounge for the past twelve years, have posted annual logo design trend reports<b></b> and they have just released the <b>2015 logo design trends</b> report. I …