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Six examples of AR and VR in marketing practice

In recent years, the phrase ‘virtual reality’ (VR) has come back into fashion, and now augmented reality (AR) is a hot topic for many experts. This …

Augmented Reality

Robots, Chat Rooms, and AI: 3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Save Businesses Billions

With the potential congestion, delays, and hassles of airports around the holidays, virtual reality’s promise of telepresence is more needed than …

360-degree Videos- A Game Changer in The Modern Marketing!

360-degree videos have a huge amount of interactive elements for your active social media marketing. These videos have unique qualities to appeal, …

7 Awesome VR Ads From 2017

Virtual reality could impact the way brands advertise in 2018

Virtual Reality

Jaron Lanier: Dawn of the New Everything review - pioneer of virtual reality tells his story

Jaron Lanier has quite a story to tell. From a teenage flute-playing goat-herd in New Mexico to an “intense dreamer”, and a maths student capable of …