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Cats in the cradle.....McCarthy Cup.......what you gonna do when you grow up ? ? ?

Someone to watch over you

Wednesday's Child is full of woe

The Bottom Drawer

The littlest shopper the people of Kerry who believe that the Kingdom is the true home of Sam Maguire......and to all the mighty players past and present who made this belief possible.

Little Pink

Yoga for Hangovers

We've all been there; next time you overindulge, try these yoga poses to help reboot your body<p>1. Twisting Cleansing Breath<p>A<p>B<p><b>A.</b><p>Sit in your seat and …

The 27 Most Exciting Books Coming In 2016

Here are the books we can't wait to read in 2016! (Ranked in no particular order.)


6 Insightful Reflections on How to Change for the Better

<i>By Meghan Rabbitt</i><p>We all want to evolve. That desire is what drives most of us to work toward becoming better versions of ourselves. Year after year, we painstakingly peel back the layers to get to the heart of who we really are and who we aspire to be. But as anyone who has ever spent time feeling …

Why Yoga is My Home

“Yoga is your Home.”<p>I recently heard this phrase from my yoga instructor. Her overall wisdom continues to inspire me, and every now and then, she …

Health & Fitness Tips

Highlights Foods do much more than just nourish our body There are foods that can completely put you into a READ MORE<p>May increase heart disease risk …

What $5 Per Day Will Buy You on Facebook Ads

<i>This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog.</i><p>If you want get your posts seen on Facebook, one of the most common bits of wisdom you’ll hear is this:<p>“It's both terrifyingly interesting and interestingly terrifying”According to VICE, TNW Conference is quite the eventFIND OUT WHY<p><b>Pay for reach with</b> …

Facebook Ads

Yoga for effective weightloss

Trying to lose weight but bored of going to the gym everyday? Why not give Yoga a shot? Several people think that losing weight can only be done in …

Naturally . . . hot yoga

Fierce Grace is a new type of yoga, now available in Dublin and Kildare<p>Sun, Mar 22, 2015, 08:00<p>Bikram isn’t all coconut water, type-A personalities …