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Maui Hawaii Tours| Discount Specials Calypso Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise - Maui Sights and Treasures

Family Friendly Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise<p>Spend your evening on a Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise and enjoy a beautiful sunset and a scrumptious dinner. …

VIDEO: Willie K and Steven Tyler Singing Sweet Emotion - Willie K Hawaiian Music Maui Live Music Maui Entertainment

Willie K is joined by his good friend Steven Tyler at the 2013 Willie K’s Blues Fest. (Mahalo to Don Scott for the video!)


Perched at the edge of the West Maui Mountains, overlooking the valley below, Waikapu’s King Kamehameha Golf Club offers a spectacular setting for …

Welcome To Fleetwood's On Front St.

Coconut's Fish Cafe

Who We Are<p>When you walk into our restaurants, you'll be transported to Maui. Custom-designed surfboard tables, bamboo, bright colors, even the music …

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Maui's Best Restaurants

Sansei Seafood and Sushi Restaurant is one of Maui’s best Restaurants<p>Sansei Seafood and Sushi Restaurant offers a a varied menu of cooked Entree’s as …

Top 50 Maui Activities & Things To Do | Best Attractions To See on Maui

We are excited to provide our readers with our list of the best things to do and see in Maui. Whether you are a first time visitor, a repeat visitor, …

Titan Takes a Tour of Haas Automation


Detroit - The Bold Truth About American Manufacturing


Haas Automation Showcases Women Machinists


CNC Machining Inconel at 70 IPM for a NASCAR Racer


Titan Helps HNU-Energy With their Research on the Space Station

Space Station

Titan Helps Arcimoto With Machined Gearbox for an Electric Car

Electric Vehicles

Machining a TITANic Custom Chevy Truck


TITANS of CNC - Season 2 Highlights


Titan visits Autodesk Pier 9




Titan Visits CNC Machining Students at Lincoln Tech College - Texas


TITAN Gilroy Delivers Powerful Keynote on the Future of CNC Machining


CNC Machining Titan's Eagle

Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM


Titan machining a regulator in titanium


Our BIGGEST and BEST episode EVER is coming THIS SUNDAY


Titan and Scott Paul Tackle the Biggest Issues on American Manufacturing


Failure is Not an Option for Titan Gilroy, American Manufacturer and Reality Star

Titan Gilroy thinks that American manufacturing can overcome the obstacles — largely because he’s overcome quite a few himself.<p>As a child, Gilroy’s …

A Tale of a Young Boxer's Redemption

Titan Gilroy's first act began on the run. His mother fled to Hawaii to escape an abusive husband. And despite a few years of homelessness, she managed to keep her children in school. The move was a difficult adjustment for Mr. Gilroy and his sister, who were picked on for being outsiders.<p>Mr. …


Auburn resident to showcase US manufacturing capabilities in reality series

Titan Engineering was an Auburn success story until the recession hit. Then the bottom fell out for owner Titan Gilroy.<p>His company, which made …

Titan Season 2

Members of the film crew are now employees just like the manufacturing staff members. Here Titan Gilroy and his son Chris Gilroy inspect a part while …

Former boxer runs lean, fast-moving cutting machines - Sacramento Business Journal

Titan Gilroy used to hit people for a living. He even went to prison for hitting someone outside of the boxing ring. These days, the owner of Titan …