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My concept planning for my Minecraft network topology

Here are a few examples of network topologies, they can range from simple line to meshes or star topologies. To quickly clarify a network topology is simply a group of connected computers which can be either connected via wired or wireless technology.

Now I already talked about before how technology has changed in general but I haven’t really gone into specific things. This article will be mainly about phones. Now if you take a little look at the picture below you will see 2 things, one you have probably seen a million times and two something you may have actually never seen before. These two things would be an iPhone and a rotary phone both used for communication purposes at different eras of time. The first types of phones that were invented were rotary phones where you would spin the dial in the centre of the phone to begin dialing a number, this goes back to the 1970’s/80’s. Now the iPhone uses an LED screen (or OLED if you have the newest iPhone model ) and has the user make touch gestures to call someone but not only can you call someone but you can also listen to music and movies,download apps and even video call! Essentially the phone has gone from a simple means of communication to a media centre.

Okay so this is what happens when you type something into your google search bar, now obviously the process is allot more complicated then this but I have done it this way to show it as simply as posssible (for people that aren’t very tech savvy) Once you type something the request gets sent through your modem, this could be a connection via wired or wireless, in this diagram I have shown a wired connection, then from the modem it relays the request all the way to a server (likely halfway across the globe) which process your request and decides whether it gives you access or not, If it does then you know because whatever you type loads. To note this happens within the span of just a few seconds, probably less depending on your internet speed,

The PSU, not a particularly important part of the PC but without it you cannot even turn on a pc so it is paramount that you have this if your building a custom rig. To note the PSU shown here is not something found in traditional laptops and work desktop tops but more found in higher end gaming pcs

Ahhh the outer shell of the powerhouse, well in more simpler words the pc case. Now to quite a number of you this part of your PC seems like it can just be treated very lightly but you are wrong and people who build custom PC’S will understand why. There are so many things you can do with your PC case in terms of customisation, you can have it transparent, small or big, have cool led lighting and be built specifically for your PC parts, it can be different shapes and all sorts of other crazy things. Here is a good example of creativity

This is a GPU, now it’s pretty unlikely you will find a GPU in a normal work laptop or pc becaus GPU’s are specifically made for video intensive tasks such as 4K gaming or video editing, they are very commonly found in high end gaming PC’s. There are many types of GPU’s to choose from, from brands such as Nvidia and units with different amounts of capacity for more intensive tasks. To note GPU’s can be anywhere from $100 to $7,000 depending on how much performance you want out of your computer

Here is a picture of a SSD also known as a solid state drive, an SSD is the same as an HDD or Hard Disk Drive but it performs much better in comparison, reading and writing speeds in comparison to HDD’s are much larger, however SSD’s are allot pricier

Picture from game Titanic: Honour and Glory

People who say technology hasn’t changed over the course of about 50 years are completely stupid, not only has technology changed dramatically but it’s also changed the way we live. Take the internet for example, the way we communicate,listen to music,pay bills, get information has all been revolutionised. The size of computers dramatically reduced over the last 50 years with individual computer parts such as Cpu’s getting smaller and smaller. Why back when CPU’s where first invented they took up the space of an entire room! Now they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Offices have been changed forever with the invention of digital documents now eliminating the need to keep wasting paper and coming up with room for all these bulky filing cabinets. Entertainment however is likely the biggest thing that has been changed by the digital revolution with us going from simple games like snakes and ladders to playing realistic simulations on our tvs! To see more of how technology has changed view the following pictures on my Flipboard

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