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Toy London - Tiny Tower Bridge

The 4 Types of Productivity Styles

Within weeks of starting my first job out of college, I was sent to the in-house time management training program. I dutifully attended the class and …


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Artvin Şavşat Tilt Shift

5 Simple Ways To Make Creative Thinking A Daily Habit

Let your innovative ideas simmer and percolate with these five daily rituals.<p>Where or when do you get your best ideas?<p>I ask that question to a lot of clients and executives attending my presentations and seminars. The answers I often hear are things like “In the shower,” “Walking the dog,” “Working …


Seven Habits Of Organized People

Organized people aren’t born; they’re built. Here are the habits that you can cultivate to be just like them.<p><i>Editor’s Note: This article is one of the top 10 habits to adopt to be better at your job in 2016. See the full list here.</i><p>We all know that one friend or coworker who is super-organized. The …


7 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Spark

This story originally appeared on PR Daily<p>Call it what you like: writer’s block, mental block or artistic rut. When the creative juices have clogged, it can seem like they will never flow again.<p>PR pros and marketers know the horrors of creative slumps, of struggling to meet deadlines in a world …


How To Kickstart Your Productivity This Weekend

Could you use your weekend to be more productive, not by cramming it full of work, but in other ways?<p>Time away from the office is an important aspect of productivity. For a start, that’s when we get to choose for ourselves how we spend our time.<p>Often, however, when it gets to Monday morning we …

Time Management

This Presentation Trick Makes You Sound Brilliant |

Most presentations are boring, some are tolerable, a very few are memorable. The memorable ones all share a single essential characteristic--they tell a story. But what does that really mean?<p>A few days ago, I attended a webinar that consisted of two presentations about something that I'll just call …

Public Speaking

The habits behind successful, creative, productive people

Gretchen Rubin has a slight frame, a fast mouth and an energetic zeal when talking about her new book, for which she was once again part researcher and part guinea pig. <i>Better Than Before</i> in many respects picks up where her earlier body of advice, <i>The Happiness Project</i>, left off. This time, she …

Reality TV

Productivity Begins With The Basics

Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>You're reading Entrepreneur Middle East, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.<p>Do you know people who say that they are most productive when they have a messy desk? Despite the arguments that I’ve heard, piles are not …


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Latest<p>ANGLO ABDULLAHI JUSTIFY WHY HERDSMEN MUST KILL PEOPLE Former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, and spokesperson of the Northern …

Dreamy Black and White Watercolors by Artist Elicia Edijanto | Colossal

<p>There’s an innate relationship between children and the animal kingdom. Our children sing songs about animals, the have toy animals, they have books …


NASA Made These Gorgeous Travel Posters For Actual Exoplanets

As the exoplanet discoveries from Kepler keep pouring in, we're realizing just how fantastic, bizarre, and varied the planets of our universe truly …

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