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Forces of the subconsciousness (Part 1 - Identity) Human naturally say : We eat, sleep, we give birth, we grow, we get old , we die; And plants have proved to speak the same language, because they do the same. Then humans claim to do things that plants do not do, they say : “we run when there’s danger, we get angry, we get jealous, we feel, we act ” But animals have proved to speak that language. Because animals do the same. See what’s happening here, Humans say “We do”, plants say “We do” and animals say “We also do”. There's a "we" which is doing a common thing in different areas of nature. Then who (or what) is that “we” ? “We” is the subconscious force of nature that pushes all living beings to obey its laws. And that's what I'd like to talk about in these article. I mean the human heritage from plants and animals or the subconsciousness forces of nature. Read more: http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-Forces-of-the-subconsciousness-Part-1-Identity

Actions speak louder than words in the physical world. But words speak louder than actions in the mental world. #krya

Vice and Virtue A vice and virtue are like a caterpillar and a butterfly. One is heavy and the other light. A vice, shortcoming or weakness is the caterpillar, it's heavy and crawls on plants branches, and messes with leaves, but after weeks of constant changes, it becomes a butterfly, a virtue; so it now flies and lands on flowers to eat without messing. It now takes the plant juice and leaves the leaves alone. Our vices are what religious call sins. They are the causes of miseries and people's ruin. Because of anger and jealousy for example many couple broke up. Because of laziness, many became heavy loads for others. But when vices are transformed into virtues, they become beautiful and very attractive. We can't deny how beautiful the caterpillar has become in his butterfly form! A vice and virtue is also like row materials. You know how beautiful they become when they are cleaned by humans. Earth planet has also worked on very dirty stones (vices) to make them as shining and attractive as diamonds, ruby's, emeralds (virtues) ... There's also a lot to learn from how humans instinctively treat all beautiful, attractive things. Look how they keep diamond or other precious treasurers in secret rooms away from thieves. They make sure those things are passed from one generation to the other, to their grand child and grand grand child. Well, that instinct comes from far, it comes from nature itself. The soul of nature has been doing that same thing forever. It classifies and groups things together while letting them interact. Nature groups Beauty and ugly in 2 separate rooms. It lets the useless ugly forces to be burned and be wasted, but It keeps the most beautiful energies of life in the secret room. that secret room is the causal world, the home of the supra consciousness, where time have no effect on things, where nothing gets rotten. Nature knows that everything out of that secret room is subject to time, and so anything out of that secret room can die. However all beautiful, attractive and shining things that its children have come to accomplish is saved automatically in that secret room (the causal world). so its children can retrieve the treasurers of that room whenever they need them in the future. In other words, all virtues we manage to get from our will, is kept secretly in our supra-consciousness so that we can still use them in the next reincarnation. That's how things works in the universe. Otherwise how do you explain the inequality among humans? Did God give some intelligence to some people and didn't give to some others? That would be called injustice. But we know God has the attribute of the absolute justice. When we don't understand how the cosmic laws, the laws of nature works, we run the risk of miss judging everything. Someone who lacks intelligence, creativity, honesty, tolerance, humility ... in this current life proves that he/she didn't save them in the causal world from his/her past incarnations. God is not to blame for any of our weaknesses. See, some people in their early years on earth seemed almost useless, they were able of nothing; but later, they learned how to do something so quick and became very talented at it, some of them have become great pianists, great philosophers... How is it so? that's because in their early years their consciousness couldn't retrieve information which were saved from their past lives, now that they have find opportunities to develop their consciousness, all their past reflexes, all their best automatic actions, thinking, and desires are known. None of our efforts in changing our inner life is lost. All the ideas that results from our meditations, all the spiritual desires that we carry around every day, all the virtues we cultivate are saved in our supra consciousness. Read More : http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-Forces-of-the-subconsciousness-Part-2-Strength-and-weakness?pid=1270#pid1270

Wisdom and intelligence Wisdom and intelligence are both as important as light. They are 2 different density of light. Same light but different density. By analogy wisdom is the light of the sun and intelligence the light of moon. And the lack of wisdom and intelligence is darkness. Inside of us, that light of the sun corresponds to the supra consciences (and consciousness), the light of moon corresponds to the subconsciousness and the darkness to the unconsciousness. See, The sunlight lightens everything and let you see things clearly, you can see houses, trees at distance, or cars coming from far, colors. Those houses, trees, colors... are analogies of what we call knowledge. Every objects around us are actually knowledge. Even all planets of our solar system are knowledge, and the light that touches all those things is wisdom. So you can notice that wisdom is that light than lightens knowledge. To see clear on a subject, is an example of wisdom and knowledge. Clarity is wisdom and the subject is knowledge. We, humans have gathered so much knowledge during our reincarnations, all that knowledge has long been saved in the sub consciousness ( in the moon light ) and the unused knowledge are still there but in the darkness (or the unconsciousness). Now is time to put light on those things we already know. It’s only when we’ve put light on our knowledge that we truly understand things. Because true understanding is light upon your own knowledge. What is clear is understandable. All the things we've experienced in the past and today have relationships. A light put on one of our experiences put you in contact with all the related experiences. That's how we get a bigger view of things in life. Now many people take their intelligence as an understanding . But the truth is Intelligence is a weak and a small form of understanding. Like I said, you’ve got the light of day and the light of night. And both don’t lighten things with the same clarity. Things don't appear exactly the same during the day and during the night. Colors of objects are weak and their forms could be taken for some other things. How many times children have taken a cloth for a monster in their dark room Confused . If light can be weak on planet earth, so can be wisdom in the human mind. But if you go out of planet earth, you realize that light is always strong there. In the same way, beyond the human mind (the mental body) wisdom is always strong. Beyond the mental body is causal body, the seat of wisdom. At the beginning there is wisdom, then when that wisdom reaches the mind, it tends to loose its tensity. at that time different degrees or clarity becomes available, which we call intelligence. Intelligence is that weak light which grows to simulate the strongest light called wisdom. Here's how nature explains that: In the past, people used to make fire by gathering branches and striking stones. The light they got from the fire represents the first low degree of intelligence, which correspond to the intelligence of the ordinary people. That light helps them to only see a little around them. That's is what happens with the common people, they gather few knowledge (branches) from books, from friends and family and make small conclusions around them. A bit later, people started using electricity to get light. Now this is a more advanced way of getting light. With that light it's become possible to lighten an entire city. People don't need to walk with light in their hand to see around at night. This light correspond to the intelligence of talented and genius and philosophers. Even if those type of people make mistakes sometimes, they do have a much better view on things. They see from quite long distances compared to the first type of people. And so their conclusions can be considered. Then you have the morning light. That light which stands, and overwrites all existing lights (fires and electricity). Because when the morning comes, we know it's useless to keep fire and electricity on. This light doesn't only lighten a city by half of the world. Moreover it doesn't depend on a gathering of earth materials (like it is the case with fire and electricity), that's because it's from another world, from the sun. At this point, light can't no longer be called intelligence, but wisdom. Colors and forms of all objects become clear on earth, things are now seen as they are. Who reaches this light doesn't need to borrow fire or electricity from others. He doesn't need guidance because he sees around and far. This is the light of spiritual teacher, truth seekers and esoteric philosophers. Read More: http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-Wisdom-and-intelligence-are-both-lights

Until we taste a fruit, we don’t know a fruit. Many say to know things, but in reality until they have experienced (lived) their theories, they don’t really know those things. Read More: http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-Theory-and-Practice-Left-and-right-brain-Part-1

A SPIRITUAL VIEW OF THE UNIVERSE The universe is the entire existence. The sum total of manifested things. Anything which can be known, whether abstract things or concrete things, all is in the universe. Anything out of it, can't be known. Like the absolute God which is out of the universe can't be known by any creature of the universe. However, God unknown which we call the Absolute God, is itself in the universe, more precisely it is the manifested ( the knowable) part of the absolute God. That manifested aspect of God which is then the universe, is what we all endeavor to unite with through religion, yoga, initiations etc ... Read more : http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-A-VIEW-OF-THE-UNIVERSE-PART-I

UNABLE TO MOVE FREELY AFTER THE ASTRAL EXIT? So you have just exited from your body, you know you are in the astral world now, maybe still in bed with your eyes wide open, or few centimeters near your bed, but then you realize that you are unable to move. Or you are trying to move, to stand up, or walk but it feels like something is pulling you, something is weighing on you, it feels like you weigh tones, or you are glued and almost impossible to move your legs or your body, your head. When you face this, no panic. There is a way out. READ MORE: http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-UNABLE-TO-MOVE-AFTER-THE-ASTRAL-PROJECTION-EXIT