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'Be My Eyes' iPhone app lets you help the blind using video chat

There's a new iPhone app from the Danish team known for Thermodo that lets sighted folks help the blind on the rare occasions they need it. Called Be My Eyes, the non-profit, crowd-sourced app (on iOS only for now) pairs sighted with blind users using video chat. The concept is pretty simple: when …


This Unique Mobile Keyboard Folds Smaller than an iPhone 4

Typing on cellphones and tablets sucks. Virtual keyboards can be effective, but they take up half of your screen’s real estate. On the other hand, portable keyboards then tend to be either too small (limited by your tablet’s screen size), or too clunky to carry.<p>A company called WayTools wants to …

Lima Showcases Its Mobile App For Its Dropbox Alternative

French startup Lima is presenting another piece of its offering at CES, the mobile app. And it is a very promising app for those who backed Lima to seamlessly access their photos, music library and movies from their phones and tablets. While the team still needs to polish the app interface, it goes …

GoTenna Release Date, News, Price and Specs - CNET

<b>The Good</b> GoTenna works flawlessly to send messages between phones when you're without a cell signal. The rugged design holds up well to the elements.<p><b>The Bad</b> Compared to many basic two-way radios, the price is steep. The rechargeable battery means you'll need a power source for longer excursions or …


Power Tap turns outlets into electricity 'faucets'

When you think about it, the power outlets in our homes are like tiny reservoirs of electricity. Stick a plug into them and in effect, you tap the power stored behind them, causing a current to flow through cords and cables into phones, fridges, and hundreds of other electricity-loving gadgets and …

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The new Nabi kid-friendly Android tablets are seriously huge

In addition to an action cam for adventurous kids, Fuhu has announced new Big Tab options at CES -- and they're so huge, they dwarf the 24-inch model launched in 2014. These latest entries to the Big Tab lineup include 42-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models, so they're definitely not something you'd …

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