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8 Flips | 1 Magazine | @MarvelousRe1u1p | Marvelous  Restoration is a licensed, insured, IICRC-certified, and CRI-approved full-service carpet cleaning and restoration company servicing the greater Kansas City area.

Dehumidifiers: What to know and how to choose one for your needs!

Most people know that dehumidifiers come in many shapes and sizes from a variety of manufacturers. What most people don’t know is that there are …

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Prevent Water Damage Through Maintenance Checks: Part 1 – Sump Pumps

Water damage can come from many locations and sources with in a property. Regular maintenance checks on your properties can save you a lot of money …

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Water Restoration Kansas City

By admin<p>When there is water in your rental unit the goal is to dry everything ASAP! You are probably thinking duh! Well, now I will tell you how to …

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