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A Little Less Floof!

If you live in the north end of Tacoma and downwind from our house, there's a very good chance you spotted tufts of Charlene and Wylla floof wafting …

Time I

White Rhino Calf Enjoys Spring at Zoo Salzburg

On April 4th, Zoo Salzburg’s Southern White Rhino, ‘Tamu’, gave birth to her first offspring. The healthy male calf arrived, without complications, …


C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Saitama

Spread the Cute:<p>Robb S. has the latest on a new Big J Cat Café. Here’s a new report from a place in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, called Nekoya …

Jaguar Cub Is a Handful…and Mouthful

San Diego Zoo’s photogenic Jaguar cub is proving himself to be quite the handful…and mouthful.<p>Photo Credits: Nancy Cunningham Casey (Image 1); Debbie …


Pound by Pound

I went through the records last night because I was curious about the pace that Wylla has gained weight. She started off on course for the first …


No Soup for You!

Since Wylla's ability to process food has improved drastically, I decided to try changing the consistency of what she's been eating to something …

Food Preservation

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Osaka

Spread the Cute:<p>Back to The Big J for another edition of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour. This stop is c/o the enterprising sorts at RocketNews 24 AKA …

Cute Kitten


What You Think Your Cat Is Saying Vs. What's Actually Happening

Cats cannot speak in an intelligible human language. It's important to remember that before you commit to this story. But, just because cats can't …

Ridiculously Adorable Chihuahua And Kitten BFFs Need A Permanent Home

Chip and Adele are two tiny critters with one gigantic piece of news: The famous Chihuahua and kitten BFFs are going on the market for a permanent home.<p>"Whoever adopts them will be very lucky to have them," says Natalie Buxton, who has been fostering the pair since mid-March.<p>Buxton started looking …

This Disfigured Kitten Was Abandoned By Everyone. Then A Little Girl Did Something Amazing

When a disfigured kitten was abandoned on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, residents were too put off by her looks to stop and help. Starving and in …


#CO10: August 19, 2013

Spread the Cute:<p>Time to kick off the C.O. Tenth Anniversary Celebrayshe! C.O. first launched September 26, 2005, with the Kitteh Image you see at …


ResQte 3: We KNEW Clark Was Really Superman Super Kitteh!

ResQte 3: We KNEW Clark Was ReallySupermanSuper Kitteh!<p>Spread the Cute:<p>“I volunteer with TAAG (Transylvania Animal Alliance Group) and we have a very …


Let's Hear it for the Boys!

I've known Sara through Instagram for maybe a year or so and this past spring and summer, I watched a sad story unfold on her feed. Felix, her …


Cat Yoga Brings Cuteness To Vancouver

All together now… Awwwwwmmmmm… This kitty cat yoga class thing has got some claws! And we have to say, the adorableness does not get old. Vancouver …


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Cat Was Enjoying A Snack When Suddenly — CUCUMBERS

It's no secret that cats are cool. And, as the expression goes, cucumbers are as well. Yet interestingly, when the two come together, the reaction …