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How Customers Find Ideas And Inspiration [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the last two decades, our behaviors have changed deeply thanks to the smartphone. Discover with this infographic how customers find ideas and …

AWS re:Invent 2017 - Tales From The Future Of Cloud

AWS Elemental MediaConvert and Amazon Sumerian are the first great products, announced at the AWS re:Invent 2017, that will shape the future of cloud …

Soft Skills are the New Core Skills - and Technology Can Hire Them

The future of human resources management is undoubtedly a world where technology will embrace more and more the human side of people (soft skills).

Human Resources

Be Human - Matching Customer Personality is the New Key to Relevance

Tailoring the messages to match customer personality is the most promising strategy to increase the effectiveness and relevance of your Brand's …


Psychographics - Turn Mass Personalization into Customer Uniqueness

Mass communication is dead and, relying on the Psychographics, the mass personalization is evolving to embrace the human side of customers.


What Are The Top Priorities When You Invest In Experience Strategy?

Customer experience is the primary basis of competition in digital markets, but what are the top priorities to improve your experience strategy?

Connected Health - Technology Shapes The Future of Healthcare

Connected health is a new paradigm for healthcare that puts technology, doctors and patients together to reshape the medical customer experience.

3 Areas You Should Invest In To Improve Mobile Experiences

There is no customer experience without mobile. Learn where you should invest to improve mobile experiences and engage your customers effectively.

"Persona-lize" Your Strategy To Change the Face of Customer Centricity

We are individuals first. Understanding customer’s point of view would be the turning point in customer centricity, to get true engagement and …

Mythological Marketing - The Future of Your Brand is in The Past

Mythological marketing is gaining momentum: it is about discovering a 'whole brain' approach to marketing, that involves functional and emotional …

Internet Trends 2017 Report - The Major Takeaways

The 2017 release of the Internet Trends Report gives us valuable insights about the state of the digital transformation and mobile shift.

The Seven Pillars Of The New Customer Loyalty

In saturated markets, Brand loyalty must evolve to survive. Discover the foundations of the new loyalty in The 7 Pillars Of The New Customer Loyalty.

How Augmented Reality Can Strengthen Your CX

During the last WWDC, Apple has announced the ARKit platform for augmented reality app. This technology officially becomes the new tool to strengthen …

Travel Customer Journey - The Evolution Of Planning and Purchasing

Mobile devices totally disrupted the travel customer journey. You need to learn how to take advantage of the micro moments to engage and monetize …

Retail Apocalypse - How Technology Will Help You Survive

How can you survive the Retail Apocalypse? The future of your brand lies in your ability to embrace technology to deliver unique customer experiences.

Read These Essential Books And Start 2018 With Momentum

Reading is learning: here is a list of essential books you should read to improve yourself in 2018, and become a true digital leader.


F8 2017 - Facebook And The Augmented Reality Platform

The first day at the Facebook F8 2017 conference brought to us the augmented reality platform, presented by Mark Zuckerberg as the future of …

Generation Z - Understand And Engage The Mobile-First Customers

The Generation Z is the 'first mobile-first' generation of customers. The future of your business. You have to understand them to engage and monetize …

What Drives Customer Loyalty? Look Beyond Traditional Programs

What are the new drivers of customer loyalty? How can you engage and convert your digital customers, now that traditional loyalty programs don't work?

Psychographics - How To Tap Into Your Customer’s Mind And Heart

Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their psychological criteria. This data can help you understand and engage your …

Biometrics - The Future of Payments And Customer Experience?

Biometrics is one of the most promising technologies, set to change the way we make purchase and disrupt the entire digital customer experience.

TED Talk - 10 Video che Cambieranno la Tua Visione del Business

La formula dei TED Talk è ormai famosa anche in Italia. In un archivio immenso, quali sono i video più illuminanti, che cambieranno la tua visione …

How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Your Organization

The Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades but now is ready to disrupt your organization, and the way you shape your customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

In Your Customers' Mind - A Tale Of Technology, Marketing and Emotions

Customers judge the value of a brand based on the quality of their experience. Technology, marketing and emotions play together to conquer customers' …

Emotions 2.0: A Science Of Sentiment Primer

Customer experience is not just a matter of technology but also involves emotions: the emotional side of the relationship between a brand and …

Content Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your Strategy In 2017

There is no content without context: Discover the most exciting content marketing trends that awaits us in 2017 and beyond.

10 Inspiring TED Talk Videos Every Digital Leader Should Watch

Every digital leader needs food for thought. What's better than 10 inspiring TED talks to rock the new year?

4 Mobile Technology Trends For 2017

Mobile is the future, but what kind of future? Let's take a look at the most promising mobile technology trends that will affect your strategy from …

4 Gamification Strategies For Business - Can You Find Yours?

Can you use game dynamics to improve the customer experience? Explore the different gamification strategies and pick the one that fits your business.

AWS re:Invent 2016 - Everything You Need To Know

A full recap of the AWS re:Invent 2016, with the latest announcements on the cloud computing and their effects on the digital customer experience.