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➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🐒🍄🐢🕷#IGERS5_BIODIVERSIDAD 🌺🐝🦀🐍 Hoy comienza nuestro #igers5 de Marzo y aprovecharemos la amplia variedad de seres vivos sobre La Tierra y los patrones naturales que la conforman, mostrando toda la biodiversidad de nuestro planeta, especialmente en nuestro país, ya sean especies vegetales o animales. Etiqueta tus fotos con los tags #igers5_Biodiversidad #igers5 #igerscolombia Invita a tus amigos a participar y comparte tus mejores fotos. No hay limite, sólo deja volar la imaginación Recuerda la regla del 1, 2, 3: por una foto que subas, deja dos comentarios y da tres likes en las fotos de los demás. No olviden habilitar el perfil como público para poder ver sus fotografías.

El auto para enamorarse por primera vez de Jaguar • Forbes México

<i>El modelo más accesible de Jaguar sale a la venta para convertirse en la puerta de entrada de nuevos seguidores de la firma británica que este año</i> …

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Notimex<p>Desarrollo Urbano<p>Delegación Álvaro Obregón entregó documentos de plaza Artz a autoridades<p>Notimex<p>Protección CIvil<p>Iniciarán investigación sobre …

BRB, gotta get to this spot like yesterday. #theoutbound #getoutstayout #regram @paulzizkaphoto

A pattern of #Humanfootprints found south of #LakeNatron in #Tanzania. The footprints are believed to be approximately 120,000 years old and made by some of our earliest ancestors. Fossilized footprints are an extremely rare find and can tell archeologists a great deal about the humans that made them including their size, stride and bipedal abilities. This image was shot on a story for @natgeo alongside the Curator of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History, #Amnh #BrianRichmond. The information gained from this find proved to be invaluable to our current understanding of the #evolution of the human #species and how we came to be. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety

On the night of Oct. 8, a photographer in Harstad, Norway captured this image of the dancing northern lights. Auroras are created when fast-moving, magnetic solar material strikes Earth's magnetic bubble, the magnetosphere. This collision rattles the magnetosphere in an event called a geomagnetic storm, sending trapped charged particles zooming down magnetic field lines towards the atmosphere, where they collide brilliantly with molecules in the air, creating auroras. Though many geomagnetic storms are associated with clouds of solar material that explode from the sun in an event called a coronal mass ejection, or CME, this storm was caused by an especially fast stream of solar wind. "Geomagnetic storms caused by high-speed solar wind streams aren't uncommon," said Leila Mays, a space physicist at our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "Near solar minimum-when solar activity like CMEs are less frequent-these fast streams are actually the most common cause of geomagnetic storms that create auroras." Image courtesy of Johnny Henriksen/ #nasa #space #photography #aurora #spaceweather #nasabeyond #sun #earth #science

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New Ways of Funding Journalism? - Highlights from this year's International Photoreporter Festival | LensCulture

For centuries, reporters have ventured out into their surroundings to see things first-hand and bring back stories to the rest of us who stayed at home. Even though some of the greatest names in the field—Marco Polo, Herodotus, Ibn Battuta—don’t carry the title <i>reporter</i>, what else did they do but …

15 retratos íntimos de leones

photo by @joelsartore | A critically #endangered Sumatran tiger cub at @zooatl. Fewer than 400 of these #beautiful cats remain in the wild. The tigers’ habitat, the disappearing forests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is threatened by deforestation for commercial use. Their numbers are also dwindling due to poaching, which has not decreased despite protective legislation. Follow me, @joelsartore, to see more members of the #PhotoArk. #joelsartore #photooftheday #tiger