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Nutrition and Metabolism - What a Nutritionist Knows That You Don't

Metabolism is the sole purpose of exercise and diet. All our work-out strategies and diet plans revolve around enhancing our body's metabolic rate. Most people believe that the only way to increase the body's metabolic rate is to have more physical exercise. While it is true that anaerobic exercise …


‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Were Blown Away BY Rick And Lucille’s Incendiary Meeting

<b>Spoilers.</b><p>After nearly three seasons of lead up, meeting, and fighting Negan and the Saviors, Rick has the upper hand. Kind of. Negan’s grip on his people is falling apart, while Rick’s grip on Negan’s bat led to Lucille being lit on fire right in front of Negan’s eyes. As his beloved skull-crusher …

The Walking Dead

The Opening Argument in the Trial of Donald J. Trump

For Trump, the motive for the crime was to use any edge he could to win the election, even if it was clearly illegal, and to complete business deals …

Donald Trump

Gut bacteria selectively promoted by dietary fibers alleviate type 2 diabetes

You are currently viewing the abstract.<p>View Full Text<p>Log in to view the full text<p>via AAAS login<p>AAAS login provides access to <i>Science</i> for AAAS members, …


11 Superfoods That Work Better Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Soup and salad. Spaghetti and meatballs. There are a few classic pairings that will never go out of style. But some food …


What You Need to Know About Vitamin E Supplements

Found naturally in some foods, vitamin E is known to play a key role in immune function and in certain metabolic processes. Since vitamin E is an …

Vitamin E

I'm Not Cold, So Why Are My Nipples Hard?

Is this normal?<p>It can happen out of nowhere. There you are, standing in the checkout line at a grocery store, when all of a sudden your nipples …

Women's Health

Top 5 Healthiest Super Foods to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

<b>As the saying goes, we are what we eat!</b><p>The most common causes of obesity are poor nutrition and/or eating habits and a lack of physical activity. Some additional factors that can lead to obesity include stress, diabetes, emotional eating, boredom, blood-sugar imbalances, and hypothyroidism. Obesity …


The looming epidemic threat

A dangerous virus, as yet unknown, has the potential to wipe out millions of us. Yet public health bodies are mired in complacency<p>Somewhere out there a dangerous virus is boiling up in the bloodstream of a bird, bat, monkey or pig, preparing to jump to a human being. It’s hard to comprehend the …


Artificial Sweeteners Are Linked to Weight Gain—Not Weight Loss

Artificial sweeteners might seem like a low- or no-calorie way to enjoy sweet food and not gain weight. But a new study links them to the opposite.<p>In …

Holistic Medicine

This Is The Best Natural Painkiller Plant That You Can Find In Your Backyard!

Regardless of its causes, physical pain can be excruciating sometimes. Most of us rely on painkillers for a quick relief from acute or chronic pain. …

Alternative Medicine

Jim Carrey Paints Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- It's Not a Pretty Picture

Like, “Fun With Dick and Jane” was better<p>You might want to put a “Mask” on Jim Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.<p>The actor revealed his …

Jim Carrey

Why You Need To Eat Fat In Order To Lose Weight

Our quality of life is determined by the quality of our thoughts, how we choose to fuel our bodies, and how well we move. Yet we are a society filled …


5 Superfood Snack Recipes You Can Make at Home

Get energized and stave off the munchies deliciously with easy-to-make whole-food snacks.

Healthy Eating

9 Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection, Plus Tips for Prevention

How long does a sinus infection last?<p>A sinus infection has similar symptoms to a common cold. The big difference between the two is how long those …

Alternative Medicine

8 Foods You Should Start Eating This Month To Get Rid Of Belly Fat, According To A Nutritionist

Cardio is great and crunches get to the core of things. But when it comes to shedding pounds from your middle, food is a big factor. We asked Colette …


27 foods you should stop buying immediately

Some foods are just not worth buying at the supermarket, whether it's because they're overpriced, misleading or bad for your health.<p>Here are the 27 foods you should never buy again.


Death risk increased with two blood pressure drugs

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. But a new study has …

Medical Research

The Walls Are Closing in On Trump

Nunes’ “investigation” has shown Washington at its worst. It's been a pure exercise in protecting Trump, and a low point for the GOP’s reputation as …

Donald Trump

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Beets

These ruby gems are a goldmine of health-boosting nutrients that you may not get anywhere else.

Donald Trump

Diastasis Recti Is The Condition Affecting Almost All Moms

After my second baby was born five years, I was told that I was the proud owner of a diastasis recti a little more than two finger widths wide. I had …


4 Natural Supplements That Are as Powerful as Drugs

Most supplements don't really work, or at least haven't been proven to work.<p>However, there are some exceptions to this.<p>In fact, a few supplements are</i> …

Alternative Medicine

Supplemental Multivitamin Nutrients You Should Be Concerned About

If you are one of the 50 percent of Americans that take one or more supplements regularly, then you should be aware that certain ingredients in …

Johns Hopkins University

FDA admits statin drugs cause diabetes, memory loss

(NaturalNews) All those doctors and medical experts who have expressed support for handing out statin drugs like candy or adding them to drinking …

Memory Loss

Read This and You'll Never Want to Use Saran Wrap Again

On my first day of culinary school, my chef-instructor launched into a moving speech about how the next generation of chefs and home cooks can save …


New Diabetes Recommendations Challenge Decades-Old Guidelines

A new report is challenging decades of diabetes treatment dogma by advising that people with type 2 diabetes should have more relaxed targets for a …


People Are Taping Squares on the Floor so Their Cats Sit in Them

If you think cats sitting in boxes are adorable, just wait until you see cats sitting in squares — squares made of masking tape, that is! In quite …


The 10 Fiber Foods Will Help You To Lose Weight That You Should Start Eating

Fiber is a very important thing that you can find in many foods. It is very good medium to lose weight in an easy manner. It is a very essential …


Low-Carb and No Sugar Added DIY BBQ Sauce

Nutrition Highlights (per serving)<p>Calories 10<p>Fat 0g<p>Carbs 2g<p>Protein 0g<p>Nutrition Facts<p>Servings: 25 (1 tablespoon each)<p>Amount per serving<p>Calories<p>10<p>% …