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Wind, Sun and Waves

Missile air \ water

Frozen Light House


Pope Francis says it is OK to smack children if their ‘dignity is maintained’

Vatican defends comments about ‘disciplining with justice’ after facing previous criticism from UN over attitude to corporal punishment<p>Pope Francis told parents it is OK to spank their children to discipline them – as long as their dignity is maintained.<p>Francis made the remarks this week during his …

Pope Francis

Report: Google working on car service to compete with Uber and Lyft

Google self-driving car concept<p>If we can believe the reports, Google is about to put together their own car service that will compete with ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. But there won’t be any drivers to contend with, we’re looking at a fleet of Google’s self driving cars.<p>This news comes …

Self-Driving Cars

Discovering your inner GPS

Has our sense of direction been found? Or is it a matter of correlation not being causation?<p>The ability of birds to navigate their way back to their nests, often more than thousands of miles each year, is fascinating. Arctic terns, which have the longest migration distance known, travel from their …

Nobel Prize

Bed Bugs May Be Splitting Into New Species

The bed bug may seem like a recent trend. Even if you haven’t personally suffered an infestation, media coverage of the insect’s comeback has been hard to miss.<p>However, the bed bug is an ancient pest, and our lives have intertwined for millennia. In the late 1990s, for example, archaeologists found …


White madness

Heartwarming Photos of Children and Their Pets by Elena Shumilova

After Russian photographer Elena Shumilova's adorable photos of her two sons and their farm animals went viral, she was approached by Petcurean, a premium pet food company, to create a full series of images that centered around the special bond between children and their pets. The photos include …


15 Otherworldly Places You Have to See to Believe

<b>Three Sisters Volcano, Oregon</b><p>Have you ever looked at a photo and just couldn't believe what you were seeing? Today let's check out 15 of those places. Destinations that seem like they are not of this Earth. Lakes that seem like they belong on another planet. Mountains that appear like they were …





Hobbit's Bridge

Autumn Ride !

Natural lighthouse

Stunning Aurora Borealis Photos Taken in Norway

Photographer Ole Salomonsen has had his photos featured on My Modern Met a few times over the years (see here and here), but we've never dedicated a full post to him. Recently, he's come out with some spectacular aurora borealis photos taken in northern Norway that we just had to share.<p>The one …

Northern Lights

Eerie Halloween Photography

It's halloween time and as we are less than two days away from this big celebration we selected some eerie looking photography. From dark and creepy …


Irish Country Bread

Andrew Zimmern discovered this "mind-blowing" bread recipe on a recent trip to Ireland.<p>Last summer I spent a week in Ireland, mostly in and around …

Copycat KFC Gravy: Finger Lick'n Good!

Our KFC gravy recipe tastes just like the real thing! Except it comes from real ingredients - a big plus.<p>Do you ever crave the amazing taste of mashed potatoes and gravy just like the Colonel makes them? I do! I’ve had to forego that delicious taste due to gluten intolerance; however, the great …

Chinese Tea Eggs (Cha Ye Dan) Recipe

Bring soy sauce, sugar, peppercorns, fennel, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and 2 cups water to a boil in a 2-qt. saucepan; remove from heat and add …

5 Regional Italian Comfort Foods

<i>Every Tuesday, Italian expat</i> <b>Emiko Davies</b> <i>is taking us on a grand tour of Italy, showing us how to make classic, fiercely regional dishes at home.</i><p><i>Today: The Italians have mastered the art of comfort food. Here are five favorites to carry you through fall.</i><p>It might seem strange, but there is no word or …


Dorie Greenspan's Apple Tarte Flambée

<i>All week long, the lovely Dorie Greenspan is serving as a Guest Editor here at Food52, sharing recipes and stories from her latest book, Baking Chez Moi. We're also giving away a copy each day! Because we want to give the gift of Dorie.</i><p><i>Today: Dorie is hooked on this paper-thin Alsatian "pizza" --</i> …