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awwww-cute: “Fresh puppy, less than 5 month old (Source: ”

awwww-cute: “Freya, my puppy, found a new sleeping buddy :) (Source: ”

Cute Animals

awwww-cute: “This is Billy the Kid and he likes to smile for the camera (Source: ”

Cute Animals

awwww-cute: “Kitty Committee (xpost /r/CatsInBusinessAttire) (Source: ”

awwww-cute: “My shiba inu pup, Ahri! (Source: ”

awwww-cute: “Falling asleep (Source: ”

awwww-cute: “my cat >>> (Source: ”

laughingsquid: “‘Dry Dog Wet Dog’, An Insightful Portrait Series That Poses Wet Dogs Alongside Their Dry Selves ”

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Arctic fox portrait

awwww-cute: “This fluffy dog named Newman joined our family. Reddit, say hello…*Newman* (Source: ”

handsomedogs: “My Ronin as a puppy, loving the snow. Doing what Alaskan malamutes do best. ”

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Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix

baby fox trot

omg he's so cute!

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Mini Australian pup

Baby goats, with flowers.

What a rebellious kitten!

"How many puppies do you want?" "All of the puppies. Bring them to me."

Puppy, in the snow.