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Tench Warfare _______________________ Where to begin? Trench warfare was the very essence of WW1 but was seen in some of Britain's earlier wars. Trench warfare was a cause of the early Maxim Machine gun. People had to dig holes to avoid the machine gun fire and eventually connected them to make a tench stretching throughout the entire war. Conditions in the trench were terrible. As it was cramped, muddy, wet, and not to mention the constant sound of artillery if not, gunfire. Rats were eating off the dead bodies and became (as some soldiers described) the size of cats. Many soldiers suffered from Trench foot which was when the soldiers feet became soft and tore due to the wet conditions of the camp. Disease was a factor and Officer discipline was also brutal, it takes a lot for a man to not desert this type of horrid post. And in my opinion, the phrase that sent millions to their death was the worst. Youve heard it. "Over The Top". The officers thought the only way to overcome the stalemates trench warfare created was to send enough men out of their trench to rush the enemy trench. What's so bad about that? Machine guns, flat open land, small arms fire, mortar fire, and constant barrages of artillery. Sadly, this led millions to be killed in a pointless war.

Gas _______________________ Gas was a huge factor in ww1. It was highly ineffective but widely used. The Germans first used it as an attempt to break the stalemate. It didn't work but caused great suffering. Then the French and British got angry and used their own. It didn't really serve its purpose but eventually they had gas that would burn your skin so not even a gas mask could protect you. So now it's considered a war crime to use chemical gas for this purpose. #greatwar#ww1#germany#france#britain#gas#deadly#suffering

Q and A _______________________ Please use this time to ask any question you may have about WW1 and I'll try my best to answer it. Also please use this time to give me feedback on how im doing. I don't have many followers so please guys recommend this page show me some love and respect :)

Hi everyone due to lack of support I am retiring my page. Thanks to all my followers for being there. I apologize. Last post: Germans ____________ The are Germans in not really a trench but a fox hole at the battle of Passchendale. They are wearing newer gas masks that protected from the chlorine infested gas. They are using what appears to be one of the later versions of the Maxim Machinegun #war#ww1 #greatwar #germany #germans #machinegun #nee #gasmask #gas

Thank you for your support! I can't describe my excitement when I saw the comments. A special thank you to everyone and for the shout from @war_to_end_all_wars . No Mans Land ________________ The nickname of the godforsaken barren land between the 2 trenches on a ww1 battlefield. It's seen as the place where millions lost their lives by a cold, muddy, and painful death. But not all no mans lands were muddy. In fact a lot were green and seemingly untouched. #nomansland#ww1#greatwar#germans#british#french#muddy#painful

Today I will be starting a Top 5 ww1 failures list. Let me know what you think! #5 Cavalry _________________ What didn't go wrong? The British army basically conscripted horses from tows, villages, and farms (WARHORSE). Most were used to haul munitions carts or served as ambulance transports. That worked ok. But at the Beginning of the war there were still cavalry men armed with SWORDS who charged across no mans land facing barb wire, muddy rough terrains, and... Wait for it... MACHINEGUNS!!!!!!! So we can infer the British army learned their lesson after having 90% of their combat cavalry mowed down. Not to mention even the horses serving as transports had it pretty rough.

#2 Going over the top ___________________ Who doesn't agree with me on this? It's a phrase that sent millions to their muddy painful death!! Surprisingly this was more common in British forces and served kind of as a British pride thing which almost never worked. It eventually just became a method to wear down the enemy. It worked but cost thousands of british lives. At the Somme didn't they lose like 30,000 after a day? A German soldier explained they didn't even aim they just fired into them.

AND THE NUMBER ONE FAILURE OF WW1 (I don't think anyone will disagree) IS: The Schlieffen Plan ____________________ The Shlieffen Plan was a German plan that was saved to be used in case of war with France. The idea was to roll through Belgium and hit Paris without any resistance because the entire French army was heavily fortified along Germany and France's border. So here's how it went down: 1. Germany went through Belgium killing many civilians 2. They got through France and almost took Paris but the French army was driven by civilian cars all the way to the Marne river 2. They fought off the Germans in what became known as the Battle of the Marne 3. The German army was forced to retreat 4. Since Britain was friends with Belgium, it declared war on Germany a day later. To use a proper historical term: epic. failure.

So Much For So Little ___________________ With memorial day approaching many of us will be quite busy. Visiting the graves of loved ones taken from us by a man made disaster: war. As I prey for you and your families, let us not forget the forgotten war. The war that begun memorial day. The war in which so many died, to achieve so little. A generation of young men lost in a conflict that did nothing more than begin yet another indescribable scene of death. Most of these men didn't even know why they were fighting, they just knew they were obliged to follow there country blindly into a war that brought only poverty, death, PTSD, disease, and depression. It sickens me to know that most people only recognize ww2, Vietnam, etc on memorial day. Who can blame them? They were horrid conflicts. But I beg of you to never forget the men who changed war forever. The men who served as mere dummies for modern war technology. Please say a quick prayer for these souls. It would take only a moment of your time. Now, I mourn with those of you with family and friends affected by war. You will always have my prayers. Have a nice evening.