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Stephen Hawking’s Beautiful Mind

<b>A brief history of Stephen Hawking</b><p>Stephen Hawking spent his scientific life exploring some of the deepest questions a human caught in the Einsteinian opera of space and time could ask.<p>Although Einstein himself never really accepted it, his general theory of relativity predicted that if enough mass …


Funky town: Chicago nightclubs in the 1970s – in pictures

Before a career photographing the likes of Oprah and Steve Jobs for major US publications, the late Michael Abramson headed to Chicago’s South Side and documented the wild parties of the funk and disco era

New York Times

These penguins found a camera in Antarctica and captured a surprisingly good ‘selfie’

The selfie-snapping animals are at it again.<p>Two emperor penguins in Antarctica captured a short video of themselves after coming across a camera left on the ice by a human.<p>The Australian Antarctic Division posted the comical, 38-second clip to its social media channels Thursday. One of the group’s …

Mobile Photography

How to a shoot a movie on your phone, according to Steven Soderbergh

Prolific American auteur Steven Soderbergh has never been one to shy away from innovation, his diverse oeuvre spanning everything from experimental Indie gems to finely polished blockbusters and esoteric documentaries. Recently, his attention has turned to the smartphone: January marked the US …

Steven Soderbergh

Russian Vivian Maier Discovered After 30,000 Photos Found in Attic

She’s Leningrad’s lost photographer. Russian photographer Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000) photographed constantly but never showed her work to anyone. …

Street Photography

Watch: Spike Jonze's New Short for Apple Rethinks What an Ad Can Be

Starring FKA Twigs, the filmmaker's branded short featuring Apple's recently released Homepod, is a sight to behold.<p>Branded content is really …

The Oscars

Big-Wave Surfing at Nazaré Portugal - "Size Matters" (2018)


Greenpeace on End Ocean Plastics and “brand jamming” Coca-Cola

The devastating effect of waste plastic in our oceans has been well documented. It’s estimated that 90 percent of seabirds have plastic in their …


Selling alcohol and tobacco to the masses – in pictures


World's oldest message in a bottle found by beachwalker in Australia

Gin bottle was thrown overboard from a German ship before ending up on a beach in Western Australia 132 years later<p>The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found on a beach in Western Australia by a couple who thought it might “look good on a bookshelf”.<p>Tonya Illman found the 132-year-old …

Western Australia

Africa Is No Island – a photo essay

An exhibition featureing 40 established and emerging photographers from the continent and diaspora is at the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden in Marrakech until 24 August<p>The exhibition Africa Is No Island has been curated by the online platform Afrique in visu to encourage a dialogue …


Artist Peter Tunney is turning trash into expensive, upbeat pieces of art

Peter Tunney, a self-described "dumpster diver, is taking someone else’s trash and “upcycling” it into expensive, positive pieces of art, with selling prices higher than $50,000. NBC’s Harry Smith has this week’s Sunday Closer


Burger King: Love Fire

Burger King

Willem Dafoe: high resolution

<i>Taken from the winter issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here.</i><p>“It’s a boring story,” he insists.<p>In 1979, on the set of his first film, <i>Heaven’s Gate</i>, Willem Dafoe was fired. “I laughed at a joke during the lighting set-up. (Director) Michael Cimino was very tense as he had a lot …

Willem Dafoe

Another kind of life: inside the world of outsiders - in pictures

An exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, in London, Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins, looks at the continuing fascination of artists with those on the margins of society through the work of photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Paz Errázuriz, Casa Susanna, Larry Clark, Mary Ellen …

Street Photography

Bobby Klein's best photograph: Jim Morrison has a beer for breakfast

‘Lucky U was Jim’s favourite place to have breakfast. He ordered a beer and a chilli soup to line his stomach. He could sink six beers in an hour’<p>I was the first official photographer of the Doors, and this shot was taken early on. It was 1967 and we were heading to Venice Beach to take some …

Jim Morrison

The Fires That Forged Iceberg Slim

I’m always amazed when I encounter well-read people unfamiliar with Iceberg Slim. The notion that his books circulate only in the urban ghetto’s literary underground is laughable. Iceberg Slim, whose legal name was Robert Beck, burst on to the scene nearly half a century ago, with his memoir “Pimp: …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Woman in the picture: is Nigeria’s legendary Tutu still alive?

The search for the subject of Ben Enwonwu’s rediscovered 1974 masterpiece continues<p>When a long-lost painting depicting a Nigerian princess was found in a modest London flat late last year, art dealers believed the decades-long search had come to an end.<p>But the hunt for Tutu, as Ben Enwonwu’s 1974 …


So Neanderthals made abstract art? This astounding discovery humbles every human

Scientists say cave paintings in Spain, thought to have been by our ancestors, were actually by Neanderthals. So did they teach us everything we know?<p>If you go to the painted caves of Spain and France, crawl through narrow passages and keep your balance on slippery rock floors, you reach the hidden …


How a famous car commercial makes a case for getting rid of cars

This 15-year-old Saturn ad shows why cars are so bad for cities<p>The ad is puzzling right from the beginning. A guy jogs backwards out of his garage—maybe going out for a run?—but he’s in regular clothes.<p>He’s joined on the street by other people doing the same: couples, families, coworkers, and even …

Los Angeles

Inside the OED: can the world’s biggest dictionary survive the internet?

For centuries, lexicographers have attempted to capture the entire English language. Technology might soon turn this dream into reality – but will it spell the end for dictionaries?<p>By Andrew Dickson<p>In February 2009, a Twitter user called @popelizbet issued an apparently historic challenge to …


Paula Rego: 'Germaine Greer scared me and the President of Portugal nearly killed me'

Dolls, maids, nudes, presidents, grandchildren and a vindictive teacher she took revenge on … the great artist reveals the power – and the pain – of life-drawing<p>When I was nine I did a drawing of my grandmother. It was my first life drawing. She was sitting there sewing – she didn’t know I was …

Tate Britain

'Ebooks are stupid', says head of one of world's biggest publishers | Books | The Guardian

The head of one of the world’s largest book publishers has described the ebook as “a stupid product” that is unlikely to see further growth.<p>Arnaud Nourry, chief executive of Hachette Livre, made the comment to the Indian news site in a wide-ranging interview about Hachette’s future in …


"Technology should look like something in your grandmother's room" says Oki Sato

Designers should rethink the high-tech look of gadgets according to Nendo founder Oki Sato, who has also called most of today's smart devices …


Why Mata Hari Wasn't a Cunning Spy After All

Executed 100 years ago, the exotic dancer broke the rules in the early 20th century. But did that cost her her life?<p>Even at the very beginning of her life, it was clear that Margaretha Zelle would become someone extraordinary. From the early days of her childhood in northern Holland, she stood out: …

Eiffel Tower

The surprising origins of your f*cking favorite swear words

As a society, we like to swear.<p>Swear words have a strange power over us. It starts when we are young, when they are deliciously taboo. Then, as we …


World Press Photo Contest 2018 – the nominees in pictures

The most prestigious photojournalist prize in the world has unveiled the six finalists of its photo of the year contest. This is the first time in the competition’s history that a selection of finalists has been seen before the announcement of the winner in Amsterdam on 12 April Warning: contains …

New York Times

The Great Barrier Reef from the sky – in pictures

Photographer Joshua Smith’s latest project, The Reef,is an aerial explorationof his experience with Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. Smith’s hope is to raise awareness of Australia’s connection with the reef and the impact humans have on it. The series is the the fifth instalment of Down Under from …

Great Barrier Reef

News for our time


Two rarely seen works by Salvador Dalí reach market for first time

Important paintings by Spanish surrealist, sold to Argentinian countess in 1930s, up for auction<p>Two drama-filled Salvador Dalí paintings, sold by the artist direct to an Argentinian countess in the 1930s, have been rediscovered and are to appear at auction in the UK. The paintings are, Sotheby’s …