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A Century Later, Relics Emerge From a War Frozen in Time

Retreating ice in the Alps sheds new light on high-altitude battle in World War I.<p><i>Greetings from Cercen Pass. It is storming and snow covers the highest peaks. We wait for peace, but the bad weather, the high altitudes ... Peace can only come with our death.</i><p>—from the May 28, 1916, diary of C.D., a …

Find out how the 'Saturday Night Live' title sequence was made

<i>Saturday Night Live</i> alters the style of its opening credit sequence and commercial bumpers every few years, making adjustments for cast additions and …

聽到地方性歌曲 總會泛起思郷的情緒 走在純樸不過的小鎮 刻意放慢自己的步調 目的在於探索自己 也在於放空自己~ 詳細旅行札記:http://goo.gl/1uPQlK

How Flipboard Does Money

The rising costs of pharmaceutical drugs, equal pay for women and the perils of processed food—these are just some of the topics covered in the …

Processed Food

10 International Street Photographers Who Change The Way We See The World

Think of a city. Of its winding roads and bustling crowds and tall buildings and piling garbage and whatever else. Now look closer. Think of the strange colors that jam up against each other for a brief moment, or the constant and ever-changing potential for violence, or danger, or love. Think of …

早晨,漫無目的在這裡閒逛 異國風情讓人忘了置身何處,看舊城風情》》 http://www.mook.com.tw/scenery.php?op=sceneryinfo&sceneryid=50288 ◎MOOK景點家 華文最大旅遊資訊平台  www.mook.com.tw

HTC RECamera 相片曝光,像水喉般的設計?

較早前就有 RECamera 的預告片段曝光,證實了 HTC 將推出運動型相機的消息。而現在,於 RECamera 網頁上就有兩張 RECamera 的相片曝光。不過從相片來看,這款 RECamera</b> …

iPhone6 Plus 整彎咗點算好?Apple 回應:視狀況有機會可換新

<b>讚好此文:</b><p>九月 25, 2014 •科技趣聞 •<p>相信這幾天各位 unwire 讀者都在熱烈談論 iPhone6 Plus 的「可屈曲性」,不過對於不少 6 Plus 的使用者來說,小心避免坐彎、拿出來時又要小心翼翼、更想換個比較安全的保護殼,用起來提心吊膽實在令人不快。不過好消息是,Apple 最近 …

創意無限!網民乘機惡搞 iPhone 6 Plus 彎曲事件

<b>讚好此文:</b><p>九月 25, 2014 •科技趣聞 •<p>近幾年 iPhone 推出後都曾出現過不少問題,而每次網民都會借機惡搞一番。至於近日接連發生的 iPhone 6 Plus 彎曲事件,當然又再次成為惡搞的對象,網民們紛紛發揮創意去設計各式各樣的改圖,另外不少廠商亦乘機出來抽水!<p>以下是部份網民的改圖,真 …

旅行就是這樣 無論天氣 無論景觀 在一個步調慢的城市 輕鬆悠閒的晃著 徐徐的微風 靄靄的夕陽 親切的小徑 高雄給我的感覺就是這樣 詳細旅行札記:http://goo.gl/ygA2zJ

菜田縱可貴 餓雀價更高? - 東方日報

用心照顧長者 52外傭獲嘉許 - 東方日報

繼母買兇斬手 賢仔冀續手足情 - 東方日報

How is a Travel Girl like? 怎樣是旅行女孩?

『和一個旅行女孩約會』是幾年前在網絡瘋傳的文章,內容很有意思。<br>Date a girl who travels, which was a very meaningful article widely spread and forwarded over the internet a few years …

Writer Creates “Color Thesaurus” To Help You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable

Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and children’s book illustrator, created a very useful infographic chart for anyone struggling with color names. The writer …

兒子房間一片藍色,並以他喜歡的海洋為主題,特別為他選了一幅大型海洋生物牆紙貼在主牆上(碧瑤灣, Icon) http://bit.ly/1gyiZYI #兒童房

把單位的兩個獨立小房間打通,讓兩個女兒住在同一個更大的房間,她們各自擁有自己的書桌書架子,床鋪也是分開沿窗造設的,讓她們可以有自己的小天地,而中間的一個大衣櫥共用,如此能讓兩女孩時刻溝通,增進感情。設計上希望以簡單為主,孩子長大得快,不喜歡太卡通的設計,故以純白作主調(觀瀾雅軒, Design2000) http://bit.ly/1erqcHF #兒童房

CosmoGIRL! 女性生活 - 美容、時裝、愛情、發放生活正能量

《如果我留下》電視廣告#3 - 生死抉擇篇

After a little over a year of having a Hi-Fructose Instagram account, we've reached over 100,000 followers! Thanks to everyone for getting the word out and for support Hi-Fructose in print, on our site, and through social media. look for our next print issue on stands Oct.1st! @hifructosemag

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