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International Space Station flies over Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose

The International Space Station flew over both Hurricane Irma and Jose.


Taste Beyond The Tongue

Just 25 minutes of yoga, meditation 'boosts brain function, energy'

Practicing Hatha yoga or mindfulness meditation for just 25 minutes can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, compared with …

Settle the Moon Before Mars, Says Astronaut Chris Hadfield

In the coming decades, NASA has some rather bold plans for space exploration. By the 2030s, they hope to mount their “Journey to Mars“. a crewed …

Space Science


Until the 1920s, astronomers believed that the Milky Way contained all of the stars in the Universe. With evidence from more powerful telescopes and …


How NASA is tracking Tropical Storm Harvey

NASA is using a host of technology to track Tropical Storm Harvey, which made landfall again Wednesday.<p>The government agency is harnessing satellites and other platforms, including aircraft and even the International Space Station to provide continuous updates and new data on the storm.<p>NASA has …

Tropical Storm Harvey

Living in space basically shoves a warp drive into your blood stream

Human body 'tries to turn on all possible defense systems'A new study analyzing the blood samples of 18 Russian cosmonauts reveals that space sends …

Immune System

A Galaxy 5 Billion Light-Years Away Just Revealed a Major Clue to Universe's Magnetism Mystery

It's a cosmic fossil record.<p>Scientists have discovered evidence that galactic magnetic fields form early on in a galaxy's life and then stay …