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I had this dream last night where I was in some sort of mall. But it was like, roofless. It felt like a fair actually. It was night time so there were a lot of colorful lights. I was with a guy and 2 women. For some reason they were fighting over the guy. I actually don't remember much from this part but the guy said he wanted to go to the 2nd floor and I didn't go with them. Then suddenly I saw a whole bunch of people that I know from school. They were all going to this kind of ride?? Idk. Then I saw Bia with her brother but she didn't say hi to me lol I decided to just go to the 2nd floor. When I got up there I came across TJ with 2 other guys with him (I think it was Jyam and Bryan) and they said hi to me and stuff. Then for some reason, I opened my phone and chatted the Winchesters gc and told them that I thought I saw "Lalaine"(????) but I actually saw Tj. And Rian and Thrina were like "wtf" and I was all freaked out like "no srsly guys I thought it was Lalaine" ??? The 2nd floor was actually some kind of mall too, but it was very open, like there's a railing like in SM but there's no ceiling there (that makes no sense but ok.) basically it was like an outlet mall of some sort. An outdoor mall Then I came across the people I was with and then they told me to come with them to go back downstairs. I actually woke up irl at this point, but I fell asleep and had another dream. I was with a bunch of people (including Sel) and we were trying to cross a river. But the river had a pretty strong current like it was leading to a waterfall (but it wasn't). There were stones that led to the other side, but it was clear that they were very slippery. And then suddenly this massive snake swam past us and we were all scared af. It was as big as the Anaconda in the movie like wtf I jumped to the next stone. We were already in the middle of the river. Sel was behind me and I kept yelling at her and telling her to jump. But she was literally crying and she kept saying "NO I CAN'T" Until FINALLY she took the leap of faith. She slipped when she landed on the stone that I was on. Half of her body went into the water and she screamed. Luckily I had a firm grip on her arm and I was able to pull her up : ) bitch u owe me Everybody else was already on the other side. Sel and I had one last jump. We jumped together onto this kind of ledge thingy with a small wall that we hung onto. We were in a crouched position so we straightened up, and when we did, my God the sight was terrifying Over to the right there was a massive horizon. It looked like something straight out of a movie. The sky was so blue and the grass was so green that it made my eyes hurt. It was like, a massive field but there were 2 mountains and in the middle there was a huge muddy pool. And THAT'S where all the snakes were. The mudpool was like their nest or something. Or the place that they mate? Idk. But they were all there. And there were many of them. Over to the left, there was a small cottage where everybody else went. Sel and I went inside and I saw the people collecting big stone slabs for something. I decided to help even though I had no idea what they were doing. And then, I did something really weird. The floor was made of stone slabs, so I crouched down, went in between the line of 2 slabs, and used my nail to get one BIG slab out. And it felt so easy! I felt no pain at all and the slab came off perfectly. I was like, "Here you go, guys!" The girl (who seemed to lead us all) said, "Oh great, thanks!" Then for some reason the slab that I was holding turned into paper (but it still had the same appearance) and it was easily foldable ??????? Then I stacked it up somewhere. Then suddenly there was a noise outside. I went to check it out and there was a truck that parked onto the driveway of the cottage. And it was really weird bc there was this boy inside and there was no driver. I could see the boy's name floating above him (like it does in some video games like Minecraft). His name was Ruby. I got frantic and I shouted to one of the guys inside, "Quick, get Ruby! Come on get him inside!!!" So he did and then we were all safely in the house. I looked towards the back, where this girl (SHE WAS ACTUALLY A CARTOON RABBIT OK. BUT NONE OF US THOUGHT THAT WAS UNUSUAL) was fiddling with the screws of a doorknob. We all watched as she took the last one out, then we heard a weird rumbling sound coming from outside. Then her eyes kinda widened and she mumbled to herself, "so if you take the last screw out...." *she turns her head dramatically at us* ".....all the water comes in." We all stood there in shock. I saw a massive wave of water coming towards the door through the little window that it had. It seemed like everything was in slow motion.... And then, I woke up :--)

This dream started off with me in some kind of mall with a group of people. One girl, 2 boys and Iya. One of the boys was my boyfriend. He was dark, not black but not white either. Maybe Tj's skin tone. I've never seen him anywhere before irl. Anw in the dream I think we were having some sort of piggyback race and the other boy and girl shouted their ship name and my bf said "Cassie to the win!" Or something like that. I never had 2nd thoughts about the ship name until now. Then the time skipped, I was with Iya on the 2nd floor and she was dragging me off to this kind of ukay ukay stall. We just looked around there and she pointed out every ripped(??? I don't remember) thing she saw. Then we met back up with the group again. There was a small platform on the other side of the escalator where there was a long table. We met up there. When I got there I said, "where's Cal?" I think that was my bf's name. Then I saw him walking towards us. Then the time skipped again, he was standing behind me with his arms around my waist and he was saying something. There was a girl in front of us, and referring to her, he said, "The only reason you didn't like her is because she's small" and I reacted and said something that made them all laugh. But it was probably something stupid bel

I HAD THIS DREAM LAST NIGHT AND I ONLY REMEMBERED IT NOW WTF I think I was in Starbucks at that time. It was some kind of coffee shop. I went down some stairs from a platform and I saw fuCKIN OSTRIC CHAU STANDING THERE, ABOUT TO GO OUT SO I think I must've called him, bc the time skipped and then I was taking a selfie with him. I EVEN REMEMBER WHAT THE SELFIE LOOKS LIKE. I REMEMBER I WAS USING THE CHROME FILTER HUHUHUHU Like his face was really pressed up against mine and he was smiling so big and we took a whole bunch :(( and then he asked for my number or something (????) Then the time skipped and we were sitting down on a coffee table and he was laughing at something I said. MY GOD HIS LAUGH HE LOOKED SO CUTE AND IM CRHDIGNF I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED NEXT BUT I'M GLAD I REMEMBERED THIS. FUCK ME

HUHUHU OMG so I had this dream where for some reason Sel and I were with 5sos in this kind of house/studio thing. I think they were supposed to be watching over us for a while I remember we jammed like, once. Ashton was so good at his drums ;( I was their vocalist OFNFNSJ Then they all went their separate ways. Ashton went upstairs, Calum went out to some kind of lobby, (which was right in front of our room) idk where the hell Luke went and then Mikey went down to some kind of basement in our room. Then Lolo was there and told me to sit down on one of the sofas. He sat across from me and asked me who went outside and I actually got confused about Mikey and Cal for a minute. Then I told him it was Calum. Lolo left. I walked over to the staircase where Sel was sitting. She was holding a piece of paper and reading something on it. I was just about to ask what it was when suddenly, I saw this weird black and yellow insect flying towards her slowly. I was freaking out on the inside like wtf it was like a spider with WINGS So I said "..what is that" but she wasn't even freaking out yet wtf. Then in the corner of my eye I thought it was Mikey coming up from the basement but it was actually Joe (a character in Under the Dome) (POGI) I even remember he was wearing a plain black tshirt lol. So Sel was just looking at me weirdly while Joe stood next to me. We both watched as it slowly flew down and laNDED RIGHT THERE ON SEL'S PAPER AND THEN SHE SCREAMED AND RAN I was just there and then suddenly the insect came towards me and I was like oH SHIT NO and I was trying to run away from it bUT THEN IT STARTED SPRAYING SOME KIND OF POISONOUS LIQUID AT US I was screaming and ducking at the same time and I shouted at Joe to fucking help me but he was trying to get away too. I ran over to him and hid hehind his back and he led me across the room to some kind of bedroom Then the time skipped, Joe was gone but the fucking insect was still flying. It was in the bedroom and I was with my relatives from Angat. The bug sprayed onto a wooden stool and flew away so we just figured it was gone. On the stool it was slowly showing up and forming a word which was "Cai" and it was even pink ???? My Tita was carrying a baby and she said it had something to do with the baby daw. Then something else appeared on the stool and it was the baby's footprint and they were so amazed *time skip* I was following a man I knew in the dream down some sort of familiar alleyway. It was daytime. I think I was pretending not to follow him but halfway through the alley he looked back and probably saw me already but I still tried to hide. When we got to the end it was suddenly kinda dark, like 7pm kinda dark. He beckoned to me with his finger and told me to go forward and follow him. He opened a metal door on our left and I followed him inside. Inside was like, kinda dark, there were only a few white lights here and there. But it seemed to be a diner. It just looked really dodgy. There was only one man sitting down by the bar with his back to us. We were above, we were standing on some kind of platform that overlooked the diner. Idk how people got up and down. So anyway, in my dream I had a memory of the diner. It used to be full all the time and anybody was allowed inside. Then I saw a banner right behind me hanging on the ceiling. I don't remember the exact words but I know that it said women and children weren't allowed inside anymore. I told the man I was with, "I shouldn't be here." He didn't say anything but held onto my arm desperately. It was like he was expecting me to do something about the diner, like I should be in charge. Then I just pulled away and when I was about to open the door, I WOKE UP

Okay so I had another weird dream last night. I always seem to get dreams when I'm in the condo... I was in a library and Hermione Granger was with me. (???) she was searching for something. I had this kind of journal thing and I was trying to hide it for whatever reason. I forgot what was written inside but I think it had something to do with her. And so she was being pretty frantic while searching. She said to me, "John Winchester's journal" and in the dream, I was thinking..... Why does that name sound so familiar to me? So I helped her search and then suddenly she let out an angry reaction, then I looked at her and saw that she was holding a thin Harry Potter book. It wasn't part of the 8 books that had movies. Then she said "This is the last Harry Potter book." And I was like... Uhm, okay? And then she continued searching for more Harry Potter books She found like 6 more, they were all thin and they had classic covers with different colors and different illustrations. I never got the title of any of them though. Then she said, "Aw, this really is the last one," pointing to the first one we found. Then she looked at me and said, "Come on, let's go upstairs." So I went out of the library and I saw the big hall in the Harry Potter movies. I even saw the young Harry Potter lol. They were all writing something down in notebooks and I THINK Hermione and I were skipping class. Lol rebels So we went up a staircase and we passed by Professor McGonagall who surprisingly didn't react. We went down a small hallway into this kind of bedroom that looked like a hospital room inside. There was one bed and there were 4 little girls playing around. They were like 5 or 6 yrs old So Hermione was like, "Get out." They didn't want to so I was like "If you don't want to go out I'll cut your tongues off for you" (????? Woah there tiger) They really didn't want to so Hermione said to me, "Get the scary girl from Room __" So I did and the girl was kinda big and fat and she had long black curly hair and she was kinda ugly She was carrying this small knife and I was like wtf. She suddenly jumped on the bed and strangled one girl and started threatENING HER like "You want me to cut off your tongue? HUH?" And I just looked kinda horrified while Hermione was just standing there calmly. The girl was crying already and THEN. I woke up : )

Oh my GOD OKAY so I had a dream last night. I was at my house and then Castiel was my guardian angel or something. He would appear when I was in trouble or feeling down. So in my dream I was walking to my room and this girl Leanne (a character from oitnb) suddenly appeared and she said in a spiteful tone, "I can hide him from you." And then I was like, "I don't need to hide." ???? So I turned around and suddenly Cas was on the rocking chair but sitting really weirdly like his butt was on there but his legs were hanging off the armrest and his back was on the other armrest and he was facing our window. So I walked up to him and he gave me that Cas look (the side smile kind of shrug thing) and then I hugged him (???) And then he was hugging me back (I think I was pissed at Leanne or smth) and OH MY GOD THE HUG FELT SO NICE IT WAS FUCKIN MISHA COLLINS And then we kind of teleported and we were sitting on 2 of our dining chairs. It was in front of the fridge and it was facing the door. We were hugging and I think he was rubbing my back (? AGDHDJSKFJSKS) Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. Criselle opened it and it was Dad. He was carrying a bunch of bedsheets and stuff. So he headed straight to their room and for some reason we had a tv there? I followed him and then Mum was there too. So we were watching tv and then there was this one commercial where Bia was in it????? Like there was a cool choreography and she was part of the 5 dancers. I think it was some kind of clothing line Then Bia suddenly appeared right in front of us and I think she was soMEHOW RELATED TO ME Bc she asked mum and Dad for some money. Mum didn't say anything and just gave 100 pesos and then Bia said something like "Kulang pa po yan." Then Dad gave her 500!!!! And he was like "oh yan pang almusal mo." So Bia was heading out then Dad was like "San ka ba nag aalmusal?" And she was like "Dun po sa kanto. Kasama si Don" Then my parents started getting mad ay her and she argued with Dad about Don and walked out And then dad was saying things about her and then I was like "oh I know him" then Mum said "oh she knows him pala daw" then I WOKE UP.

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