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DxO Viewpoint 3 review - MartijnKort-Photography

<b>Dxo viewpoint 3 – professional wide angle lens correction software and creativity in one package</b><p>DxO Labs has released a new update of their wide …


Why I bought the 2016 MacBook Pro - MartijnKort-Photography

There is a lot going on about the newly released MacBooks by Apple.<br>They lack innovation and they seem to ignore the creative power users, which once …


NiSi Filters - The new Standard?

I will talk about the NiSi 6, 10, 20 stops ( named the black hole) and grad ND together with the V5 filter kit.<br>It is a honest review, after using the …

Landscape Photography

Erasmus bridge

Philharmonie vertigo

Zoom! Rotterdam metro.

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Comment on Leica M Monochrom – Architecture Photography by Nick Frank by Jason V. Macuha

Love the contrast…Jason @

10 Swiss Inspired Graphic Design Lessons To Help You Become A Better Designer

<i>Sometimes the best way to showcase your design is to go back to the basics.</i> <br>When you hear the term “Swiss Design” the first thing you might think of …

How to Improve Your Long Exposure Photography with Photo Stacking

Recently long exposure photography has been quite popular, mainly in the landscape photography arena. One of the reasons (among the others) is that …

How to Post Process Milky Way Astrophotography in Adobe Lightroom

[youtube]<p>In this tutorial video, photographer Ian Norman shows how he processes …


How To Do A Complete Portrait Edit Part 1 (Lightroom)

So far you’ve read countless articles on techniques that involve editing portraits, but mostly it involves one or two techniques which makes it hard …

A photographer traveled to Iceland and took these incredible photos of his trip

After his most recent visit, he documented his experiences through a comprehensive travel guide.<p>Cornell says the country is like a "photographer's heaven," mainly because it stays light for so long, eliminating the need for rushing to get that perfect shot in a matter of a few short hours.<p>"In …


Editing Skin Tones in Adobe Lightroom

Model: Asta Paredes<p>We’ve done a couple of tutorials on how to edit skin tones and make them look better in Adobe Lightroom, but today we’re sharing a …

Quick Photoshop Secrets 2: Awesome Adjustments Based On Colour


A Trick for Sharpening High ISO Photos in Photoshop Without Adding More Noise

UK-based glamour photographer Markp created this short video tutorial on how he sharpens photos captured at high ISOs in Photoshop without adding …

Gradient Map For Perfect Skin Color

When retouching, it is not rare to come across color problems on a model’s skin. Whether it is from a sun tan, dodge & burn, spots or skin …

How I Add Atmosphere To Some Of My Shots Using Photoshop

A lot of times, what appears to be light effects in my work is actually done in post production, using Photoshop, to enhance or exaggerate existing …


Understanding the Human Eye and How To Retouch it Naturally

I can assure you that this isn't another boring tutorial on how not to overdo eyes with Photoshop. Searching for the perfect method has come to an …

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Fashion Toning Using Photoshop’s Color Lookup Adjustment Layer

Excerpt from <i>The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers (2014 Release)</i>You see color toning and film-look effects just about everywhere you …

Illusion of Lights: A Time-Lapse of the Night Sky Above the Western United States

In 2013, photographer Brad Goldpaint and his wife Marci quit their day jobs, sold all of their possessions, and began living out of a motorhome while … [16]