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Onsala rymdobservatorium - Onsala Space Observatory

Swedish receiver to catch cosmic waves in the world's largest radio telescope. ​Just arrived in South Africa, Onsala's and Chalmers University of …

Charon at 40: Four Decades of Discovery on Pluto’s Largest Moon

The largest of Pluto's five moons, Charon, was discovered 40 years ago today by James Christy and Robert Harrington at the U.S. Naval Observatory in …

Solar System

Chaotic Clouds of Jupiter

This image captures swirling cloud belts and tumultuous vortices within Jupiter’s northern hemisphere.


The Secrets Of The Universe

Astronomy Term of the Day (22/06/2018)<p>#Particles_in_Nature#22<p>Pions are the lightest mesons. . In the quark model, an up quark and an anti-down quark …

ESA - European Space Agency

ESA's next #CubeSat seen here undergoing simulated reentry testing. The CubeSat survived six and a half minutes of testing inside Italy’s Scirocco …

Physics 1.1M likes. We are just bunch of curious people. We are curious about the universe, are you?

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Once in a blue dune…On the floor of the Lyot Crater on Mars lies a field of dunes. One particular dune, seen in this January view from our Mars …

Physics 1.1M likes. We are just bunch of curious people. We are curious about the universe, are you?


This launch and landing really is spectacular 🚀😍<br>Via SpaceX

NASA — The Science Behind the Summer Solstice

VLT macht den präzisesten Test von Einsteins Allgemeiner Relativitätstheorie außerhalb der Milchstraße

eso1819de — Pressemitteilung Wissenschaft<p>Astronomen haben mit dem MUSE-Instrument am Very Large Telescope der ESO in Chile und dem NASA/ESA Hubble …


ESOcast 166 Light: New test of Einstein’s general relativity (4K UHD)

4K Ultra HD

Einstein Was Right! Scientists Confirm General Relativity Works With Distant Galaxy

A new study validates Einstein's theory of general relativity in a distant galaxy for the first time.<p>This study supports our current understanding of …

Dark Matter

Hubble proves Einstein correct on galactic scales - Most precise test of general relativity outside the Milky Way

heic1812 — Science Release<p>Hubble proves Einstein correct on galactic scales<p>Most precise test of general relativity outside the Milky Way<p>An …


New radio telescope in South Africa will study galaxy formation

Today, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a continent-spanning radio astronomy project, announced that Spain has come on board as the collaboration’s …

South Africa

Scientists Find Stronger Evidence for New Kind of Black Hole

We’ve seen supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies tearing stars to shreds. We’ve detected the energy wave from relatively tiny black …

Black Holes

NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn

Saturn’s rings as seen from below in 2009. Details:


NGC 3576 - The Statue of Liberty Nebula. 6,000 light-years away from Earth.

Inside the International Hunt for the Ghost Particle

This mega science experiment wants to solve one of the biggest mysteries in science today, namely, why do we exist?<p>Buried 4,850 feet underground in …


The magic of magnets | Cosmos

<b>“Any sufficiently advanced</b> technology is indistinguishable from magic.” These words from science-fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke have a special …



This is the clearest image ever taken of the Planet Saturn...<br>By NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn

Hubble Captures Cluster of Galaxies and Homeless Stars

High-Res Helene – Cassini Legacy: 1997-2017

Photojournal: PIA12773<p>The Cassini spacecraft snapped this image of Saturn's moon Helene while completing the mission's second-closest encounter of …


2018 June 17 - Mars Engulfed

<b>Mars Engulfed</b> <b><br>Image Credit:</b> J. Bell (ASU), M. Wolff (Space Science Inst.), Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA), NASA<p><b>Explanation:</b> What's happened to …

Dust Storms

Symmetry magazine

ICYMI: The US Department of Energy has given the all clear for construction to begin on the SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment, a new dark matter search for …

A Stephen Hawking musical tribute was beamed directly at a black hole

The European Space Agency had its own special way of marking a memorial service for astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking. At the same time his ashes were interred at Westminster Abbey in London, the ESA beamed music featuring Hawking's famously synthesized voice towards the closest-known black …

Black Holes


When fake news, Twitter bots, and conspiracy theories seem legit, how can you know for sure? Leave it everyone's favorite astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, …

Cosmos Magazine

Wraithlike NGC 6369 is a faint apparition in night skies popularly known as the Little Ghost Nebula. It was discovered by 18th century astronomer Sir …

Catalog Page for PIA22240

<b>Original Caption Released with Image:</b><p>This image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) shows streaks forming on slopes when dust cascades …

Fermilab | Science | Particle Physics

Quantum initiatives<p>Fermilab, along with several partnerships and collaborations, is investigating the use of quantum computing to ramp up computing …

Quantum Computing