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Minimum Cost Path Analysis (Python)

Multi-dimensional arrays and Matrices are popular interview topics in programming technical interviews. Although practical applications for such …


Getting started

Most of us have been introduced to Python as an <b>object-oriented</b> language; a language exclusively using classes to build our programs. While classes, …

Microsoft Visual Studio

10 Useful Tips for Writing Effective Bash Scripts in Linux

Shell scripting is the easiest form of programming you can learn/do in Linux. More so, it is a required skill for system administration for …


Scientists studying starlight can tell you: Our universe is going dark

We know that our universe has already lived through great number of exciting phases. But new research released overnight shows the universe has long passed its peak and is slowly but surely dying.<p>The research was presented at the year’s largest gathering of astronomers at the International …


This mesmerizing video shows how incredibly vast space really is

Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second. That's an incomprehensibly fast speed — faster than any other object in the universe.<p>But the video above shows how huge just our corner of the galaxy is, even for a photon of light traveling at that remarkable speed. The film, by artist Alphonse …

Global Warming Will Destroy The Earth In The End

We like to think of our planet as perfect for life, having met all the conditions we know of for life to exist, flourish and thrive for billions of years. After all, here on Earth, with our not-too-thick and not-too-thin atmosphere, we’ve got liquid water on our surface, made possible by the …


Pluto Is Actually Bigger Than Earth, If You Include Its Atmosphere

It's the only fair way to do the comparison, really.<p>And this is a conservative estimate: Pluto's atmosphere could actually be even bigger than it's shown in the image above. We'll have to wait for New Horizons to get there later this year to find out for sure.


The Dark Heart Of The Milky Way

Dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up four-fifths of the stuff in the universe, has been found for the first time in the centre of the Milky Way.<p>The rivals have proposed an alternative hypothesis, called modified Newtonian dynamics (Mond), suggesting that the laws of gravity work …

Dark Matter

How Islamic State is expanding its empire of terror

Unlike the slow and careful rise of al-Qaida, Isis is extending its global reach far and fast – sometimes to groups with very different beliefs<p>Marched on to a Libyan beach in now gruesomely familiar orange jumpsuits, the last moments of 21 Coptic Christians carried the vicious jolt of previous Isis …

Middle East

Supermassive Black Hole Found Farting A Trillion Suns' Worth Of Energy

Scientists zero in on the size, shape, and speed of the gas that reconfigures galaxies<p>At the center of any massive galaxy, you’ll most likely find one daunting portion of space-time: a supermassive black hole. These gigantic gravity wells are so enormous, they have a mass that’s equal to millions …

7 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises To Work Your Entire Body

Beginner kettlebell exercises are an excellent way to add variety to your workout routine, whether you're new to strength training or you're just …

Best Chest Workout Routines