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Pokemon of friday: flaffy

Pokemon Mareep- Anime Decal for Cars, Windows, Wall, Macbooks, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo 3ds, XBox, Playstation etc

All of our decals have Matte finish for extra anti-glare and smooth looking surface. (also adds a small amount of extra protection against scratches)<p>I use one of the most precise cutters in the industry, allowing very precise cutting down to the smallest details which allows us to make tiny vinyl …

I want a mareep :(

@MissMarsvin I heard U liek Mareep! ;-)

@xWikiElectric ¡Este esponjoso Mareep es para ti!

RT @OmgitsJake2ik: SHINY FREAKIN MAREEP! FINALLY @TheNinjaInvic @aDrive_tK @Evo2587 @Steven005 @KiDarknessGames @JayYTGamer YEESSSSSSSS

When is the bell gonna ring in robot voice

Moonrise is Pokemon for PC, and it’s hitting Early Access next week

Undead Labs, the studio behind State of Decay, have been tinkering away on a free-to-play RPG for a while. It’s called Moonrise, and it wears its …



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‘Pokemon’ Fans Make Amazing Crystal Pokeballs

As long as there have been games, there have been fans to make art of them. As fate would have it, a number of longtime fans of various properties …


Watch As This Artist Carves 'Pokemon' - With A Chainsaw

Close<p>Love it or hate it, <i>Pokemon</i> is never, ever going away.<p>It's been a global phenomenon for well over a decade, and as a result, there have been some …

I've found something for you guys @5SOS ! Light-up crystal pokeball lol

@OsricChau Coolest thing ever. A crystal pokeball with a light up pokemon inside!

Crystal Engraved Pokeball

Crystal Pokeball that lights up as a Pokemon inside. I don't care if I'm not a kid anymore, I want it.

Crystal pokeball

Pokémon SS&HG/Crystal -the best pokemon game ♡ @Pokemon @PokemonNotes @Pokemon_ES_ESP @vgc15_metagame

The Gamer's Guide

The next <i>Dragon Age</i> is going to be a “live service” game, but what does that mean for a story-heavy RPG? This week on Kotaku Splitscreen, we</i> …


Pokemon Crystal Pokeballs

Light up your room the only way a Pokemon Master should with these 3D etched crystal Pokeballs. Each one contains a Pokemon trapped inside that glows …

These Crystal Poke Balls Have Glowing Pokémon Inside - Technabob

Just when you thought you had caught them all, they pull you back in. These crystal Poke Balls have 3D etched Pokémon inside that glow thanks to a …

RT @PokemonBible: Crystal Poke balls with Pokemon inside! Unreal!

"Aren't Miltank female...? I should ask Ekoro." #Bogusness

Ya know what's can go die? And i would not csre for them at all....? Fcking Miltank. This Pokemon can juat die.