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Walking In Hong Kong

Pictures of the Week 7.24.15

Track Cycling

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation review: Tom Cruise just won't let this franchise self-destruct

You can shoot him, stab him, drown him, blow him up or pair him with Thandie Newton, but you can’t stop Ethan Hunt, because he’s played by Tom Cruise. Returning to make a mockery of the series title for a fifth time, Cruise ploughs through Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, a sequel that is slick …


I Create Illustrations Using Everyday Objects (part 4)

Throughout the years I’ve realized that simple objects can represent hundreds of different things and can have a completely different meaning.<p>This is …

The Simpsons

America's 21 Most Beautiful Campsites

From Death Valley to Glacier Bay, Alaska and back down to the Grand Canyon, we've got the country covered.<p>With 3,794,100 square miles of soaring mountains, pristine beaches and crystal clear lakes, the United States offers endless options for those looking to spend a few nights under the stars. But …

National Parks

6 web design trends taking over the Internet

We’re already halfway through 2015, and in the last few months we’ve seen many trends come and go. What has not gone, however, is the deliberate movement to get back to the basics without unnecessary features.<p>The days of cluttered pages overflowing with information have passed, and they’re being …

Do You Have A Mellow Music Brain Or An Intense One?

Cognitive style linked to preference in pop music<p>You truly believe that Kanye is the best musician on the planet. Is it simply a matter of taste, or is something else going on?<p>Although there’s no doubt that music preferences change over time and are shaped by social factors like what our friends …

Kepler Telescope Introduces Earth To A Very Distant Cousin

NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Telescope has spotted the first roughly Earth-sized world orbiting in the "Goldilocks zone" of another star – offering perhaps the best bet so far for life elsewhere in the universe.<p>A year on Kepler-452b, which is about 1,400 light years from us in the constellation …