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France: more bucks for your bang

True to his pledge made during the French election campaign last year, President Emmanuel Macron last week put forward a proposal for a substantial …

North Africa

Vietnamisation in space: America withdraws from ISS

Private enterprise is taking great strides in space. Recently, entrepreneur Elon Musk launched his own Tesla car into Martian orbit with the world’s …

Space Exploration

Aid and development links: the cost of a job, traffic in megacities, and more

<b>Popular</b> 7 Mar 2017 13:20<p>If President Trump is serious about improving the capacity of the US military, then the USCG needs to be part of the</b> …

Mega Cities

China and the military balance

The International Institute for Strategic Studies has launched the 2018 edition of <i>The Military Balance</i>, which tracks the development of military …


Sex, Russia ties, and guns debate – what Turnbull takes to Washington

Malcolm Turnbull jets off to Washington this week for talks with Donald Trump as both men are engulfed in distracting scandals. For Trump, chaos is …

Donald Trump

Collaborating with China in Antarctica

In 1912 a team of explorers were stranded for a miserable winter at Inexpressible Island, in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica. “The road to hell might be …


How Australia crossed a line in the Timor Sea

The UN Compulsory Conciliation between Australia and Timor-Leste, which aims to set a boundary in the Timor Sea, appears to be inching towards …


Central banks changing of the guard

Breaking tradition, President Donald Trump has not reappointed Janet Yellen to another term as chair of the US Federal Reserve. Elsewhere, central …


Sensitivity as Indonesia grapples with a measles outbreak in Papua

The Indonesian Government is grappling with a measles outbreak in the Papuan district of Asmat, where at least 65 children have died since the …


Economic diplomacy brief: Maldives showdown, selling infrastructure and feeding India

<b>Chindian ocean</b><p>Security analysts may well outnumber sun-starved tourists doing Google searches for the Maldives after last week’s leadership showdown, …

Economic Development

Migration and border policy links: Yemen, life on Manus Island, and more

<b>Popular</b> 25 Mar 2017 08:42<p>by<p>Why Japan and Taiwan should strengthen ties, what Merkel can offer Trump, the role of values in Australian foreign policy …

Manus Island

Indian Ocean base race: India responds

Access to naval facilities in Oman could see a greater Indian naval presence in the Persian Gulf.


Jonghyun and depression in South Korea

It was a difficult Christmas for the community dedicated to K-pop, the South Korean music genre that in recent years has become an international …

South Korea

The Monroe Doctrine revival

No other great powers will be allowed in Latin America, and liberal democracy is the only political system allowed in the region (or, in practice, no …

Hugo Chávez

Assessing global threats

The US has delivered its annual Worldwide Threat Assessment, a useful document in that it provides a measure of transparency for judgements by the US …

Mike Pompeo

Malaysia’s election – electric and exhausting

In media studios, food courts, street stalls, and offices, I watch Malaysian political observers and insiders perform the same routine.<p>First, they …

Najib Razak

Olympic détente just another North Korean deceit

It is tempting to view North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics as an olive branch, a step back from the edge of nuclear …

North Korea

Climate change and security and why it's so hard

Australian officials have paid increasing attention to the links between climate change and security. The 2016 Defence White Paper and the 2017 …

Climate Change

Sanction busting, North Korea–style

A recent report from the UN sanctions committee suggests that North Korea has been able to generate an estimated US$200 million from illicit dealings …

North Korea

Aid and development links: future of US aid, Oxfam under fire, the meaning of resilience, and more

<b>Popular</b> 6 Jul 2017 17:07<p>This week's links also include refugees heading home in the Central African Republic and the UK's immigration amnesty for …

Central African Republic

What to expect at the Melanesian Spearhead Group summit

The last time the leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) got together was in 2016, for a special leaders summit held in Honiara. A number of …

Solomon Islands

Israel strikes Syria, loses a fighter, and maybe something more

The popular wisdom with respect to Syria was that once ISIS had been defeated, a Russian-brokered, UN-authorised political solution would be the …

Middle East

China’s cobalt conundrum in Congo

More than half of the cobalt that goes into phone batteries and electric vehicles worldwide – 66,000 of 123,000 tons produced in 2016 – is sourced …


Tech’s unhealthy future

It was a rough 2017 for Facebook (despite spending record sums on lobbyists), and 2018 isn’t getting off to a great start. At Davos last month, tech …

Chamath Palihapitiya

Punitive measures: Indonesia’s new draft criminal code

Talk of criminalising homosexual acts and prison terms for adultery has many Indonesians worried.

Rights & Freedoms

Review: Asia on a knife-edge

<b>John West. Asian Century … on a Knife-edge: A 360 Degree Analysis of Asia’s Recent Development. Palgrave Macmillan. 2018. 335 pages.</b><p>Kishore …


Hong Kong: race-baiting the judiciary

The Hong Kong Government has long “sold” the city’s common law system and rule of law as a way to attract foreign investment and connect mainland …

Hong Kong

ASEAN: different strokes for different folks, but future should be in sync

The ongoing debate about whether ASEAN (still) matters, and how important it is for Australia, could not be more ASEAN in style.<p>Euan Graham and John …


Migration and border policy links: Global Compact zero draft, Australia as an innovation nation, and more

Thursday 08 Feb 2018 | 13:35 | SYDNEY<p>African asylum seekers in Israel (Photo by Amir Levy/ullstein bild via Getty Images)<p>By<p>Erin …


The spectre of a divided Yemen

Throughout the last year, Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s control over the south deteriorated.

Middle East