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Captain America: The Frozen Soldier — 13 Mashup Photos

Updated With Marvel's Phase 3 – Upcoming Superhero Movies 6 Years and Beyond Infographic

German street artist CASE, known for his hyperreal murals around the world, incorporates hands as a recurring motif.

This London Bar’s Cocktail Menu Is A Gorgeous Pop-Up Book

A good cocktail isn’t just about the taste, or the alcohol content. It’s the peacock tail of drinks: it’s all about the look and the flair. That’s why a description or even a picture can’t do a well-designed cocktail justice. To properly get a feel for it, you’ve got to see it in 3-D.<p>That’s what’s …


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APOD: Retrograde Mars (2014 Oct 28) Credit & Copyright: Tunç Tezel (TWAN) http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap141028.html Explanation: Why would Mars appear to move backwards? Most of the time, the apparent motion of Mars in Earth's sky is in one direction, slow but steady in front of the far distant stars. About every two years, however, the Earth passes Mars as they orbit around the Sun. During the most recent such pass starting late last year, Mars as usual, loomed large and bright. Also during this time, Mars appeared to move backwards in the sky, a phenomenon called retrograde motion. Featured here is a series of images digitally stacked so that all of the stars coincide. Here, Mars appears to trace out a narrow loop in the sky. At the center of the loop, Earth passed Mars and the retrograde motion was the highest. Retrograde motion can also be seen for other Solar System planets. http://twanight.org/Tezel 2015 APOD Calendar: Moons and Planets http://friendsofapod.org/?page_id=42 Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page http://asterisk.apod.com/discuss_apod.php?date=141028 #APOD

APOD: Iridescent Cloud Edge Over Colorado (2014 Oct 29) Image Credit & Copyright: Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy, Slate) http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap141029.html Explanation: Sometimes your eclipse viewing goes bad in an interesting way. While watching and photographing last Thursday's partial solar eclipse, a popular astronomy blogger suffered through long periods of clouds blocking the Sun. Unexpectedly, however, a nearby cloud began to show a rare effect: iridescence. Frequently part of a more familiar solar corona effect, iridescence is the diffraction of sunlight around a thin screen of nearly uniformly-sized water droplets. Different colors of the sunlight become deflected by slightly different angles and so come to the observer from slightly different directions. This display, featured here, was quite bright and exhibited an unusually broad range of colors. On the right, the contrails of an airplane are also visible. http://www.slate.com/authors.phil_plait.html http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy.html 2015 APOD Calendar: Weather and Volcanoes http://friendsofapod.org/?page_id=42 Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page http://asterisk.apod.com/discuss_apod.php?date=141029 #APOD

Are some humans born evil?

Scientists believe they’ve identified the genes responsible for high levels of rage and violence – does that make some men evil from birth?<p>There are many theories about why humans commit unspeakable evil, but none of them are particularly comforting. If the childhoods of serial killers are filled …

Incredibly Small Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario Dioramas

There are small dioramas, and then there are these. They are teeny.<p>Using putty, plastic, and a whole bunch of patience, a NicoNico user named " A" …

'Evil clowns' stalk France

TV show blamed for string of attacks and chilling pranks that has also spread through US and Britain as Halloween approaches<p>A 14-year-old dressed as a clown was arrested on Monday near Paris for attempting to attack a woman, as a strange phenomenon of fake, evil clowns terrorising passers-by …


Century-old notebook from Antarctic expedition found - CNN.com

<b>(CNN)</b> -- Explorer Robert Falcon Scott died in 1912 while crossing Antarctica, but his story lives on in artifacts that continue to be discovered on the frozen continent at the bottom of the world.<p>The most recent find: a century-old photographer's notebook in the ice at one of Scott's expedition …

Camera made from one tiny Lego brick actually works

The inspiration began with a pine nut. Ryan Howerter, a graphic design student at Colorado State University, took a photography class and his teacher shared the story of the Pinholo, a minuscule functioning pine-nut pinhole camera. Howerter knew what he had to do. "Being a fan of Lego bricks, I had …


The 10 Best Red-Carpet Photobombs

The <i>Collins English Dictionary</i> this week declared that its 2014 Word of the Year is “photobomb,” defined, as you probably already know, as something that intrudes into the background of a photograph without a subject's knowledge. As the Collins language experts are likely aware, the photobomb …

6 Different Types of Gamer Couples - Comic

How to survive an apocalypse: What pop culture taught me about living through the end of the world

Everything I’ve gleaned from such wellsprings of post-apocalyptic wisdom as “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead”<p>Last night, after learning that New York City has its first Ebola patient, my friend immediately texted me about survival kits. Such was the totally outsized and unnecessary panic …

More Rocket and Gamora Concept Art from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Little Kid Superhero Portraits Will Make You Say, "Awww..."

Full Video of Kevin Feige Discussing Marvel's Movie Line-Up

11 Interesting Details You Probably Never Noticed in THE MATRIX

Marvel Studios unveils phase three: “Black Panther” and third “Avengers” will be split in two

Marvel announced the first solo lead of color and first female star, along with many other exciting additions<p>In an impromptu press conference on Tuesday at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige unveiled "phase three" of the Marvel universe: three new series, new …

Here’s Everything We Know About Marvel’s Phase Three, Including ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ In 2018 And 2019

Marvel is dropping a bunch of bombs today, telling us quite a bit more about their plans for their upcoming movies. Including, already, the next Avengers.<p><b>First, Avengers 3 is officially Avengers: Infinity War.</b> And yes, it will — as rumored — be a two-parter: Part one arrives May 4th, 2018 with part …

Pictures of the Week 10.23.14

New Banksy Piece Spotted in Bristol, UK

Following from a recent hoax alleging Banksy’s arrest, a new piece has surfaced in the iconic<p>Following from a recent hoax alleging Banksy‘s arrest, a new piece has surfaced in the iconic street artist’s hometown of Bristol, UK. In usual fashion, Banksy took to his webpage to unveil the rendition. …


A bright idea for fall: Makeup pro Diane Kendal turns the spotlight on one feature—a bold lid, a glittery pout, or a bejeweled lash line—and makes it a star.

Famous Words of Fashion's Greatest: Part Two

A second set of style musings and sage advice from the most quotable names in fashion. Plus, see the first installment for 50 more.<p>"The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." —<b>Bill Cunningham</b><p>"Women who wear black lead colorful lives." —<b>Neiman Marcus</b><p>"All …

Karl Lagerfeld

These Stunning Underwater Photos Were Taken With a Desktop Scanner

An artist goes diving with a custom-built scanner. These wild images are the result.<p><i>(Photo Credit: Emy Mazzola)</i><p>Rippling Images is a fitting name for Nathaniel Stern's latest works of art, and in more ways than one. The collection shows off 18 prints captured under the rippling water of a live coral …