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Gene tweak led to humans’ big toe

Small tweaks of one gene may have helped humans to walk upright.<p>Losing a genetic switch that increases production of a protein called GDF6 may have …

Stanford University

New Tech for the Ultimate Home Theatre System

CES is where the latest and greatest in audio/visual entertainment is unveiled. If you’re an audiophile or videophile, this is ground zero for your …


South Korea seeks U.S. strategic weapons after North's nuclear test

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea is in talks with the United States to deploy U.S. strategic weapons on the Korean peninsula, a South Korean military official said on Thursday, a day after North Korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen nuclear device.<p>South Korea also said it would resume …

North Korea

NASA Is Making Progress Toward Hybrid-Powered Airplanes

It's not rocket science, but it's still tricky.<p>NASA's endeavors inside the atmosphere don't get nearly as much attention as their off-world missions, but they could have a big impact on our planet.<p>Researchers at the NASA Glenn Research Center are working on developing a hybrid plane that will …

Carbon Emissions

5 terrible illnesses that genetic engineering could eliminate forever

Maggie Bartlett / Wikimedia Commons<p>The dangers of editing the human genome are well known.<p>The significance of changing small aspects of people, …

Gene drives spread their wings

Genies are said to have the power to grant three wishes. But genies recently released from laboratory flasks promise to fulfill nearly any wish a …


4 predictions about the future of tech, from a company that powers nearly every device you use

The company whose designs are used by everybody from Apple to Qualcomm is not exhibiting at CES this year, but when you walk the floor, you'll see their handiwork everywhere. The British company specializes in chip designs that are incredibly tiny and don't use much power, which makes them perfect …

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