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On Costa Rica's eastern coast, some of nature's slowest mammals call a small refuge home. The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica first started in 1997 when Judy Avey-Arroyo and Luis Arroyo—owners of a private biological reserve—took in Buttercup, an orphaned baby three-toed sloth. Now, Buttercup is 21 years old and the family

Jimmy Chin (@jimmy_chin) is a professional climber, photographer and cinematographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "My favorite moments are the unplanned and spontaneous visual gems you find when you are out in the wild doing what you love," he says. His creative inspiration comes from “amazing athletes doing amazing things in amazing landscapes." Here are some of Jimmy's tips for shooting athletes in nature


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Cappadocia / Turkey #comeseeturkey @comeseeturkey 👈

Ambika Conroy (@ambikaboutique) makes accessories and swimwear, but on Instagram she’s far more likely to share moments from life on her farm. "I think the simple daily happenings are what you take with you when you die,” she says. "I also hope that my pictures inspire people to want to live and create more consciously and sustainably.” For more photos and videos of Ambika's sheep, rabbits and goats plus the occasional design made from their fibers, follow @ambikaboutique. Photo by @ambikaboutique

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPLightsAtNight The goal this weekend is to take creative photos and videos of lights at night. Some tips to get you started

St. Martin's Street, #Chichester.

Melissa Monno (@3wheels2pals1tail) dreamt of a motorcycle for weekly camping excursions, but she did not want to leave behind her German Shepherd mix, Dante. After a road trip to California from her home outside of Chicago, Melissa opted to invest in a motorcycle for herself, and a sidecar for Dante. "Wind in my hair, dog at my side in an off-road adventure bike!" Inspired by other #sidecardogs like @nelsonthegoldendoodle and @arawithspirit, Melissa made sure to have lots of treats on hand and take it slow. "It took him two or three weeks to get used to it," she says. But after months of rides close to home, Dante and Melissa are prepared for a summer full of sidecar adventures. To see more photos and videos of Melissa and Dante’s #sidecardog travels, follow @3wheels2pals1tail. Photo by @3wheels2pals1tail


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