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'Doomsday Vault' Gains 50,000 Seeds to Fend Off Food Crises

A so-called "doomsday" seed vault on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean has received a major new deposit of 50,000 seeds as part of an ongoing …

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'Love Hormone' May Help Dads Bond with Toddlers

Oxytocin — the "love hormone" perhaps best known for stimulating bonding between mothers and newborns, or between romantic partners — may also play a …


Just Like Van Gogh: Prehistoric Artists Used Pointillist Technique

The artistic techniques used by Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat were considered groundbreaking in their day, but a recent discovery in …

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Viral Video of Drone-Hunting Tigers Hides Dark Reality

Ever wonder what it might feel like to be stalked by a tiger? New drone footage from China will give you a thrill, though the backstory might bring …


Octopus vs. Crab Showdown Ends with a Twist in Startling Video

Things weren't looking good for a swimmer crab under the glare of two divers' spotlights in Monterey Bay, California. The crab was being doggedly …


Sugar Swap: Human Brain Converts Glucose into Fructose

The human brain can produce the sugar fructose, a new small study finds.<p>Researchers found that the brain can convert one form of sugar, called …

The Brain

Europeans Brought New, Deadly Ulcer Bacteria to Americas

Europeans who came to the Americas inadvertently introduced germs — including smallpox and measles — that killed upward of 90 percent of the native …

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Microbes in Glittering Crystal Cave Revived After 10,000 Years

The organisms were found inside enormous selenite crystals in a cave in Chihuahua, Mexico. They may be up to 50,000 years old.


Goal! Ball-Rolling Bees Score Big Science Wins

Bees roll tiny balls and score miniature goals, in a new study demonstrating their capabilities for complex learning.


Richard III's Prayer Book Goes Online … and Is That a Personal Note?

The personal prayer book of King Richard III — in which the English king likely scrawled a reminder of his birthday in his own hand — is now …

Ancient History

Lemur Faces Are Unique, Facial Recognition Reveals

When observing wildlife behavior in a natural setting, researchers typically need to keep their distance, making it challenging to identify …

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Colossal (and Growing) Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Seen in New Video

A giant crack that could release a chunk of ice larger than the state of Rhode Island into the sea was captured in stunning detail in new video …

Global Warming

Straight Out of Sci-Fi: Hoverbike 'Surfs' Through the Air in Test

Think of it as half drone, half motorcycle: A new hoverbike prototype aims to make flying as simple as riding a bike.<p>Hoversurf, a Russian drone …


'Down Syndrome' in Chimps Seen for Only the Second Time

Researchers from Japan's Kyoto University have documented just the second case in chimpanzees of a genetic disorder similar to Down syndrome in …

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'Radical' Muslims? The History of Salafists

<i>This article was originally published at</i> <i>The Conversation.</i> <i>The publication contributed the article to Live Science's</i> <i>Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights</i>.<p>The …

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Facts About Tardigrades

Tardigrades, often called water bears or moss piglets, are near-microscopic animals that are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer …


Teens Say Heroin Is 'Probably Impossible' to Get

Although the opioid epidemic continues to affect Americans across the country, an increasing percentage of teens think it would not be possible for …


Has the Large Hadron Collider Disproved the Existence of Ghosts?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) might be the world's most incredible science experiment. A particle collider seventeen miles in circumference, it …

Particle Physics

8 Most Intriguing Earth-Like Planets

1 of 10<p>Hunting for alien planets<p>For years, astronomers have scoured the cosmos for Earth-like planets in alien star systems, in hopes of finding a …


Life Expectancy in US Will Increase Less than in Other Countries

Life expectancy is expected to rise in many countries around the world, but in the United States, that increase is predicted to be smaller than in …


Same-Sex Marriage May Reduce Teen Suicide Attempts

Laws that permit same-sex marriage may help to reduce the rate of teens who attempt suicide, a new report suggests, with the biggest drop found among …

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20 Years After Dolly the Sheep, What Have We Learned About Cloning?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the announcement of Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Her creation left a lasting …


Extinct Giant Rodents' Family Tree Rewritten by New Fossil Finds

Scientists have found a near-complete skull and a jaw from a pair of giant rodents belonging to a group that lived millions of years ago in South …


How Buttercups Get Their Yellow Gloss

If you've ever played the childhood game of holding a buttercup under your chin to see if you like butter, you might have wondered why the cheery …


Trove of Dazzling Bronze Age Weapons Unearthed in Scotland

Excavations during the construction of two soccer fields in Scotland have turned up a rare discovery — a Bronze-Age weapon hoard, including a notched …


Tweaked DNA Snippets Could Become Tiny Electrical 'On' Switches

Teensy "living" circuits based on DNA could lead to new ways for scientists to look inside cells and even see chemical reactions such as …


Hear This: Scientists Regrow Sound-Sensing Cells

Scientists have coaxed sound-sensing cells in the ear, called "hair cells," to grow from stem cells. This technique, if perfected with human cells, …

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Moms Rule! Excavation at Chaco Canyon Reveals Maternal Lineage

Hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus landed in the New World, a complex society in what is now New Mexico passed down power through its …

Ancient History

Famous Scientists' Early Works Stolen in $2.5 Million Heist of Rare Books

Early works from some of the most famous scientists in history — including Leonardo da Vinci, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton — …

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