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House Passes NRA-Backed Bill Legalizing the Killing of Bear Cubs in Wildlife Refuges

The House of Representatives approved a controversial bill to overturn an Obama-era rule that protects wolves, bears, coyotes and other animals on …

Loneliness actually hurts us on a cellular level

A scientist explains how the pain of loneliness makes us sick.<p>“Humans are social animals” is a phrase often repeated by psychologists to sum up why we’ve been such a successful species. Our ability to live, work, and cooperate in groups is <i>the</i> key to our survival.<p>But it comes with a tradeoff. …

This Question Can Predict Whether You Will Be Alive and Happy at Age 80

<i>“Is there someone in your life whom you would feel comfortable phoning at four in the morning to tell your troubles to?”</i><p>Via Flourish: A Visionary New …

What you eat could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep

The world is getting fatter, and some say it is also sleeping less. After years of study, we now know that there is a disturbing correlation between those factors. Those who sleep less have a higher chance of being obese.<p>If how much you sleep can affect what you eat (and thus make you fat), many …

The 20 photographs of the week

The death of David Bowie, the ongoing violence in Syria, the Lumiere festival of light in London – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week

David Bowie

@RobertClarkphoto Cairo looks like a huge ant colony as I shoot this ariel view on the way back to Brooklyn. I had heard how busy the city is and of it legendary traffic problems. Both of which I found to be true. Nearly 100% of the population of the country lives in the Cairo area, Alexandria or along the Suez canal. In 2014 Cairo was estimated to have a population of 12 million, with a metropolitan population of nearly 22 million, which makes it the largest city in Africa and the middle East, and the 16th largest metropolitan area on earth. The city has very little diversity of ethnic minorities. Nubians and northern Sudanese, along with refugees from other parts of Africa are the bulk of the none Egyptian population. The population is very young. with 75% of Egyptians are under the age of 25 and just 3% are over the age of 65.

Future criminals can be spotted at nursery school, study suggests

Children's social-emotional skills can indicate future prospects, including whether they will end up in a council falt, researchers find<p>Future criminals and council house tenants can be spotted as early as nursery school, a study suggests.<p>Early social-emotional skills observed in pre-school …