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Why isn't romance a valid selling point in video game marketing?

The hype for Bioware’s sci-fi sequel Mass Effect: Andromeda has focused on planet discovery – but it’s a very different kind of exploration that many players are interested in<p>God, I love romance. That tingle up your spine when someone laces their fingers between yours for the first time. The rush …


This Software Is Going to Change the Way You See Photographs

Meet Plotagraph: The animated photography tool that will turn your Instagram marketing upside down.<p>Getting your photo noticed in a sea of social media photos, is much like finding the needle in the haystack. There's only so much you can do with the photo itself, to grab a viewers' attention, and …

6 Marketing Tactics That Build Lifelong Loyalty

Before selling to your customers, engage them first.<p>This story originally appeared on PR Newswire's Small Business PR Toolkit<p>Today’s customers are smart, technologically adept and unwilling to be lumped in with “the masses.” That’s why marketing techniques from even a few years ago no longer get …

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