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Lightroom & Photography Tutorials

For 7 years Pretty Presets for Lightroom has been innovating and creating the best quality Lightroom Presets for professional photographers.  At Pretty Presets we understand how important it is for you to be able to edit your images beautifully and efficiently all while still being able to stay true to your signature style.  You will find our Lightroom Presets are perfect for wedding, portrait, children, lifestyle, newborn, landscape, and film emulation photography.  Do you love everything LIGHTROOM and want to learn more?  We've got you covered and are dedicated to making your experience at Pretty Presets AMAZING!  Our extensive blog offers tons tutorials, articles, free training videos and lots more to help you master Lightroom, improve your photography skills and edit more confidently today!   Check us out, be inspired and create the look you’ve been dreaming of using the Best Lightroom Presets for photographers!