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I Miss You Jason.

<i>I’ve lived over sixty years now.</i><p><i>In my life I have met possibly four souls as pure as Jason’s.</i><p><i>I am proud that he loved and respected me almost as a</i> …

Positive Thinking

The Gun Violence is Sickening

<i>The gun violence in Toronto is sickening. And there has been many incidents this year.</i><p><i>Unfortunately, we still have a little over six months left.</i><p><i>The</i> …


Jewish men singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"

Pink Floyd

As The Chapters Turn, So Does The Days Of My Life

<i>If you were to compare my first book “DAMAGED” to my soon to be published, “6315”, the third volume of my Walking On Dawes Collection, I am positive</i> …


Like Puppies? Buy my books – feed my puppies

Yes, I am a starving literal author …..<p>My Girls, Princess Pringles and her sister Princess Ruffles are completely out of dog treats.<p>Only YOU can …


An Excerpt From “UNKZ – A Canadian Cosmonaut”

<b>Here is a tidbit from the final and fourth volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”. It will wrap up the Walk with me through my lives. Giving you an</b> …

Archie Comics

The Last Canadian Cosmonaut

Where does a tale begin or end? Scholars would say between the covers of novels. Not truth. The tale begins in the confines of the mind. Dancing in …

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Am I Too Philosophical For Today’s Standards?

<b>Am I too philosophical for the standards of today’s society?</b><p><i>Why do I wake up crying?</i><p><b>Hell, I am portrayed by many to be, and I quote,</b><p><b>“The toughest man</b> …

Dining Rooms

The Reason We Started This Channel | Mental Health Awareness| Bucket List

Mental Health lighthouse Verner

LightHouse Dann Verner

Goodreads Author<p>Born<p>in Saint John, Canada<p>Website<p>Twitter<p>Genre<p>Influences<p>Robert A. Heinlein<p>Member Since<p>September …

Time To Read – Time For Thought


Does ‘Insanity’ Exist?

<b>Like the title asks,</b> <b>“Does insanity exist?”</b><p><b>What the mainstream ‘</b><b>norm</b><b>al’</b> <b>consider ‘</b><b>sane</b><b>‘ is only a word used to label their perception of the norm.</b><p><b>Who</b> …

Mental Health

Why Punish The Whole Cast of Rosanne?

Why Punish The Whole Cast of Rosanne?<p>This is what I do not understand.<p>WIth the media focusing on Rosanne and sensationalism of the tweet, no one is …



<b>With the recent heat wave I have been having severe heart troubles – I’m suffering from congested heart failure and my apartment is scorching.</b><p><b>So, I’m</b> …

Heat Waves

Stress Is A Cancerous Cyst

Stress is a cancerous cyst that grows inside us till it ruptures into anger and hatred.<p>I am suffering a severe case these past few weeks.<p>And it is …


Are Driver’s Being Taught To ‘Drive’?

<i>I do not understand the thinking behind car manufacturers in this modern times.</i><p><i>On a good day the average driver is frightening. Now, we have these</i> …

Royal Weddings

True Story

<b>Escribo mis libros para ‘mí’. Cuento mis historias por ‘ellos’. Sé agradable vender muchos, pero si no, al menos he contado mi historia. Namaste ‘</b><p>I …


Stealing My Identity Only Motivates Me

Whoever stole my identity may have thought they ruined my life. WRONG!!! I’m resilient. I

Time I

Great shot of the three candidates for our upcoming election. Left to right, Kathleen Wynne,Horwath,Ford

Identity Theft – Who Would Want To Be Me?

<b>I have just discovered that someone has hacked into my life via a fake PayPal account.</b><p><b>I am truly baffled as to why anyone would want to be</b> <b>ME</b><b>.</b><p><b>On a</b> …

The True Shape I’m In

<b>I am going to be very blunt and honest regarding how my life has turned out at the age of sixty. How, with the exception of a handful of people, I go</b> …

My ‘Sons’Pants

Here’s a little story about my forty year old Levi’s 501 Button Fly Jeans.<p>I was wearing them forty years ago when I met my second beautiful wife, …

The Sparkle of an Angelic Soul

<i>You will have lived a Blessed life if you are fortunate enough to have known at least one true friend’s love.</i><p><i>I have been overly Blessed.</i><p><i>In my</i> …


web series, movies, short films, Documentaries, music, Hiphop, politics, culture, Book reviews<p>Brains instead of boobies<p>Here I share words and …

Aging Is Not Easy

I never think of myself as “<i>old</i>“.<p>I will be sixty-one October the fifth. Not old by today’s standards.<p>At least not by my standard.<p>I have always knew I …

Beautiful Days


A diary of a weird girl full of creativity and wittiness.<p>Learn to Live<p>Strengthen the believer. Answer the critic.<p>Natalia's space<p>Kiowa & …

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