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10 Murphy Beds that Maximize Small Spaces

First question? Who the heck is Murphy and why does he have his own bed? Well, William Lawrence Murphy was an inventor who happened to be wooing an opera singer around 1900. At the time, moral code forbade women from entering a man’s bedroom so Murphy came up with a way to convert his one-room …


7 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Storage Space

Living in an apartment or a small home can force you into coming up with creative solutions to store all your stuff. Even if you’re good about not hoarding things, there are some things you just <i>can’t</i> get rid of. The easiest way to add extra storage is to opt for double duty furniture. These seven …

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10 Easy Pieces: Storage Beds

The area beneath the bed is valuable real estate for those of us pressed for storage; shoving boxes under the bed is one option, or you can opt for a …


Sleep Scientists Want Your Workdays to Start Later

A team of sleep scientists have an idea and I think we’d better hear them out: One way to ensure that adults get more sleep could be to focus on …

Link Found Between Sleep Duration and Depression

Two new studies published in the journal <i>Sleep</i> have found a link between sleep duration and depression.<p>“Healthy sleep is a necessity for physical, …

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