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The Only Thing Creepier Than Déja Vu Is its Opposite, Dêjà Rêvé

It's like a dream, but you're wide awake.<p>Déjà vu is the phenomenon that a person experiences when they feel that they’ve experienced an event in …

The Brain

This is what your smartphone is doing to your brain -- and it isn't good

All day long, we're inundated by interruptions and alerts from our devices. Smartphones buzz to wake us up, emails stream into our inboxes, notifications from coworkers and far away friends bubble up on our screens, and "assistants" chime in with their own soulless voices.<p>Such interruptions seem …

Pokémon Go

Neuroscience News wrote a new post, Serotonin Promotes Perseverance, on the site Neuroscience News

Summary: A new study reports serotonin enhances our desire to persist at a task.Source: Champalinmaud Center for the Unknown.What happens when …


The biological origins of culture

<i>Antonio Damasio, director of the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, is one of the most original thinkers in neuroscience today. Recently, he sat down with The WorldPost to discuss his new book, “The Strange Order of Things.”</i><p><b>WorldPost</b>: I first heard your name …

British Philosophy

LSD Treatments Can Actually 'Harmonise' The Brain, Study Shows

Huge finding for treating mental disorders!<p>In recent years, scientists have been uncovering potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelic substances …


Neuron creation in brain’s memory centre stops after childhood

NEWS<p>Scientists are already debating whether the findings could overturn 20 years of conventional thought.<p>Giorgia Guglielmi<p>Search for this author …


Foresee and Forget: How to Remember the Future

We’re all familiar with the following scenario: You use the last pat of butter at breakfast and make a mental note to go to the store after work. …

The Brain

Entangled Quantum Particles Can "Communicate" Through Time

In the world you know, actions have causes and effects, objects exist as one thing or another, and everything is what it is whether you observe it or …

Quantum Mechanics

This Sensor Lets Scientists See Neuron-Level Brain Activity in Real Time

Picture this: you’re at a boisterous party, trying to listen in on a group conversation. People are talking over each other and going a mile a …

Emerging Technology

Neuroscience News wrote a new post, Researchers Find Algorithm for Large Scale Brain Simulations, on the site Neuroscience News

Summary: Researchers have developed a new algorithm which can speed up brain simulations on supercomputers.Source: Frontiers.An international group …


‘Barbarism’: Texas judge ordered electric shocks to silence man on trial. Conviction thrown out.

In Tarrant County, Tex., defendants are sometimes strapped with a stun belt around their legs. The devices are used to deliver a shock in the event the person gets violent or attempts to escape.<p>But in the case of Terry Lee Morris, the device was used as punishment for refusing to answer a judge’s …

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Stress May Not Only Affect The Brains Of The Stressed, Suggests New Study

Science just bolstered the wisdom that it’s never a good idea to bring your stress home with you. A new study suggests that stress changes certain brain structures, and those changes are mirrored in the brains of others. If that’s true, the effect would help explain why we seem susceptible to …


Neuroscience and Society Series: Buildings and the Brain

<b>“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us”<br>- Winston Churchill</b><p>When he made this remark, the great orator was actually speaking …


Understanding the smallest brain circuits: Researchers reveal how anatomically distinct microcircuit brain networks suppress each other, compete and collaborate

Researchers reveal how anatomically distinct microcircuit brain networks suppress each other, compete and collaborate<p>Researchers have found a …


How flashing lights and pink noise might banish Alzheimer’s, improve memory and more

NEWS FEATURE<p>Neuroscientists are getting excited about non-invasive procedures to tune the brain’s natural oscillations.<p>Helen Thomson<p>Helen Thomson is …

The Brain

Low-cost EEG can now be used to reconstruct images of what you see

(left:) Test image displayed on computer monitor. (right:) Image captured by EEG and decoded. (credit: Dan Nemrodov et al./eNeuro)A new technique …

Machine Learning

Developing a Laboratory Model for Inclusion Body Myositis

If you were diagnosed with a disease, there are two questions you would immediately want answered:<p>1. How can we treat it?<p>2. What caused the …


How the Temperature of Your Nose Shows How Much Strain You Are Under

Facial temperature, specifically the temperature above the sinuses, rises as cognitive demands increase, researchers report.


Mapping the Neural Circuits Governing Thirst

Researchers have identified a specific network in the brain of mice that drives the need to drink.


Receptors Key to Strong Memories

The strength of a memory depends upon the number of receptors in a synapse, researchers report.


Neuroscience News wrote a new post, Gut-Brain Communication Demonstrates How Organs Can Work to Regulate Lifespan, on the site Neuroscience News

Summary: Researchers discover how the gut and brain work in coordination to regulate longevity in worms.Source: University of Michigan.Cells and …


Funding for Training Methods to Enhance Cognition in Aging

The National Institute on Aging (NIA), one of the 27 institutes and centers within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), invites clinical trial …


Brain Stimulation Helps Younger, Not Older, Adults’ Memory

Contrary to existing thought, researchers report transcranial direct current stimulation is not as effective at improving memory in older people as …


Domino Effect: Individual Damaged Neuron Types Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases

Age related neurodegeneration may be delayed by preventing oxidative damage in a few neuron types, researchers report.


Holding Hands Can Sync Brainwaves and Ease Pain

Researchers report holding hands with a loved one causes brain waves to fall into sync. The more synchronized the brain waves between partners, the …


Allen Brain Institute shares huge database of computerized neurons at work

Seattle’s Allen Institute for Brain Science has created a publicly available database of computerized neuron models that could be used as building …


LSD Study Reveals Unprecedented "Harmonic" Reorganization of Brain

The drug appears to hit a "reset" button in the brain.<p>Ongoing neuroscience research on psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin is increasingly …


Noninvasive skull optical clearing window for cortical imaging

Researchers have demonstrated a noninvasive approach for creating an optical window in the skulls of mice to image their brains. Prof. Dan Zhu and …


Visualization of ligand-induced transmembrane signaling in the full-length human insulin receptor

Using single-particle electron microscopy of the human insulin receptor reconstituted into nanosdiscs, Gutmann et al. show that ligand binding …


How the Brain Makes Predictions

A new study will examine how the brain learns to make predictions over our lifespan.