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Proud Sausage Dog Poses With Her 6 Tiny Sausages For Maternity Photoshoot

Beware, pandas – this will make your hearts melt. Just as you thought maternity photo shoots couldn’t get any cuter… Adorable little tail-waggers …


Here are 17 stock photos of cats trying to use laptops, because life is too short

What do you MEAN no free shipping? I thought there was free shipping.<p>Looks like my ex Mr. Whiskers is trying to add me on LinkedIn — the levels of …

Free Shipping

21 Of The Most Awkward Kittens In The World

So fluffy, so clumsy, so cute <3

Cat Food

A Husky Raised Around Cats Thinks She's A Cat

If stories like <i>The Jungle Book</i> and <i>Tarzan</i> are to be believed being raised around one type of animal can have a significant effect on your behavior, …

New Study: Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

A new study has found that cat people are apparently smarter than dog people, according to a survey of 600 college students — which I feel like would kind of negate the results because college students are the dumbest of all people to begin with. Anyway, the study found that while dog people tend …

Itty bitty kitty takes a hot bath

I'm getting out!

Proof That Surprise Kittens Are The Most Adorable Therapy

Now where do we sign up?


The 22 Most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cats Of All Time

The shruggiest cats that ever shrugged.


Giant cat or hyper-detailed model cars?

Headquake claims this a scratch-built RC car. I'm not buying it. He's been breeding giant housecats.<p>Seriously, this guy is amazing.<p><i>[via]</i>


So my gf decided to foster kittens this season

This Cat Has Such Discipline And Concentration That She Can Balance A Q-Tip On Her Nose

What a talent!


If I fits, I sits.

Mama Cat Coaxes Her Kitten Out of a Box With Some Gentle ‘Words’ of Encouragement (VIDEO)

When life gets challenging, we can always count on our moms to give us the encouragement we need to keep on going. Whether you’re completely …


Synchronized Kitten Siblings Are Just Incredible These five little kittens, ...

<i>Synchronized Kitten Siblings Are Just Incredible</i><p>These five little kittens, cuddled together in a large bowl, are watching something that's simply …

Snow Leopard Triplets Hit the Spot

For the first time in Akron Zoo’s history, a set of Snow Leopard triplets was born at the zoo. The three cubs, one female and two males, were born …

Red Sox send Pablo Sandoval and his fat salary to the bench

By Matt Bonesteel<p>Matt Bonesteel<p>Reporter for the Early Lead<p>Email Bio Follow<p>Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell announced Thursday that Travis Shaw and not Pablo Sandoval will be the team’s starting third baseman on Opening Day.<p>That’s a whole lot of money riding the pine.<p>Sandoval was a bust for the …

Boston Red Sox

Can Tom Brady Top Peyton Manning As Greatest QB?

New England Patriots Tom Brady has work to do, but has a chance to surpass Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all-time.<p>Manning retired a …

Tom Brady Gives Von Miller Facebook Shoutout

<b>By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston</b><p>BOSTON (CBS) — Anyone who’s paying attention can see that Tom Brady talks as much trash as any quarterback in the middle …

56 lies the NFL told during Deflategate.

<b>tldr:</b> <i>This is a rundown of the NFL’s lies and dishonesty during the deflategate scandal. The general public is not aware of many of these acts due to</i> …

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