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영어 한국어 일어 중국어 단어 발음 차이 4탄 English,Korean,Chinese,Japanese Pronuncation Difference 4


What Do Algorithms Look Like?

Most of us see algorithms as just numbers. Mathematicians and physicists see them as elaborate systems that can contain whole worlds. In a new essay, data visualization god and <i>New York Times</i> Graphics Editor Mike Bostock takes us inside some of the most commonly used visualization algorithms, …



The Beauty of Japan


Tempura Udon Noodles


Kings Folly :: Chapter 1 Pages 1-16

comicpanda:webcomic_episode<p>The story begins! Strange creatures attack in the middle of the night. The young princes, Elliot and Philip, fight to …

My Opinion on Traveling


Porcelain Rei - Work

The Weird and Wonderful World of Japanese Convenience Stores

“Vegetarian?” Max, my travel partner, asked as he quizzically looked at the clerk who was restocking shelves with some type of mini salad. “Wait, …


Tokyo Teddy Bear MV

Teddy Bears

スパークル [original ver.] -Your name. Music Video edition- 予告編 from new album「人間開花」初回盤DVD

Wait For It MAP - Part 10