Legal Laboratories

4 Following | 1 Follower | @LegalLabs | Lgal Labs is a boutique, highly automation dependent, "full stack" provider of legal services. We're a founding member of UpstartOne, a rotating, "radical mix of exploring minds" and long-time collaborators across specialties and sectors operating together to provide cross-disciplinary, holistic support and resources that are fit-to-budet, fit-to-timeline, and fit-to-objectives. Our business processes, innovation test-bed mission, and collective of "T-shaped" professionals to draw from both drive, and are driven by, long-needed, boat-rocking, root cause reform in the delivery of legal and other support services. Our goal is a 10X faster, better, cheaper impact on results, allowing us to maintain our commitment to a 50% focus on charitable pro-bono work while dramatically increasing your odds of success. To keep ourselves focused and accountable, our business model is a built-from-the-roots re-visioning of partnership, where we too fail or succeed alongside our partners. As a root cause of much of the current