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This Is What It Feels Like To Live With A Mental Disorder

"Trying to do anything feels like trying to start a car with no gas."

This 1-minute animation will change your perception of life in the universe

If extraterrestrial life is anything like what we see on Earth, then chances are it's living on Earth-like planets thousands, or even millions, of light years from our solar system.<p>Today, astronomers have detected over 1,700 extra-solar planets, or exoplanets, with NASA's Kepler Space Telescope. …

Turning waste coffee into energy with WIRED2015 Innovation Fellow Arthur Kay

Arthur Kay creates coffee-powered bio-fuel. Through his company bio-bean the award-winning designer and entrepreneur has industrialised the process …


Health care innovation shifts to IT, not devices

Health information technology is gaining ground fast on medical device innovation, and if all goes well in a few years we won't even much notice the …

Digital Health

Samsung Releases Galaxy S6 Teasers That Appear To Confirm Metal Design And Curved Displays

Samsung has recently posted two teasers for its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. One teaser is a 45-second video on YouTube and the other is a profile photo on Instagram. Both of the teasers appear to confirm some of the rumored Galaxy S6 specifications.<p>The profile photo of the Samsung …


10 Awesome Gmail Hacks That Make Life Easier

These top-secret ninja moves will help you take control of your inbox and become a Gmail expert. I'll show you how to save time, avoid mistakes, and add a bit of style to your inbox. Read on, grasshopper.<p><b>GMAIL HACK #1 UNSEND</b><p>Have you ever pressed send only to regret it moments later because of a …

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