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North Korea’s Best Building Is Empty: The Mystery of the Ryugyong Hotel - The Daily Beast

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Alamy

North Korea’s Best Building Is Empty: The Mystery of the Ryugyong Hotel

Nearly 30 years—and an estimated $750 million—after its construction began, the empty and unused Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang remains a glorified telecommunications antenna.

There are unfinished …


10 New Nordic Designs to Love from Stockholm Design Week 2016

The month of February means all eyes on are design in the Nordic countries, as the region’s furniture designers and manufacturers launch fresh products en masse during Stockholm Design Week. Take note of these highlights.


Weather or Not

I must confess that I’m a bit of a weather nerd. I don’t have cable TV, and thus cannot watch the Weather Channel, but that is a good thing; I’d …


This is the most profound explanation I've heard of what it means to detect gravitational waves

The scientific world is still reeling over the first ever detection of ripples in the fabric of space-time, called gravitational waves.

Albert Einstein predicted their existence 100 years ago but never believed we'd actually detect the waves. So right now if you hang around physicists, who can't …

Gravitational Waves

Why Don’t We Wipe Mosquitoes Off The Face Of The Earth?

Plants and Animals A blood-sucking, disease-spreading, whining creature is always going to be a hard sell, even to nature lovers. And the dreaded …


Explain it to me like I'm a kid: scientists try to make sense of gravitational waves

If you didn’t fully grasp Thursday’s blockbuster announcement that scientists had detected gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of spacetime that were first anticipated by Albert Einstein a century ago, you were not alone.

We asked a few experts to explain it to us – to really break it down in …

Gravitational Waves

With a deft snip, potential treatment emerges for deadly childhood Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Using cells from patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disease that affects one in 5,000 boys, UCLA scientists have devised a strategy for creating "corrected" stem cells that could restore tissue under attack by the deadly muscle-wasting disorder.

A gene-editing procedure described …


Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves, Proving Einstein Right

A team of physicists who can now count themselves as astronomers announced on Thursday that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prophecy of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

That faint rising …


Periodic table crayons put the elements at your fingertips

Most kids love to color and spend a lot of time doing it. Why not combine the art lesson with science class?

Etsy shop Que Interesante has created a line of crayons and colored pencil labels that match the elemental makeup of that particular colored crayon.

The shop uses the "flame test" to determine …


The chips are down for Moore’s law

The semiconductor industry will soon abandon its pursuit of Moore's law. Now things could get a lot more interesting.

Next month, the worldwide …

Moore's Law

This 500-Year-Old Book Revolutionized How We See Cities

The very first atlas of cities shows us how little has changed about our collective obsession with cityscapes.

Probably more than any other physical phenomenon, cities are a reflection of the incredible complexity of the modern world. And in the mid-1500s, as modern cities began to burgeon …


Chinese Fusion Test Hits 90 Million Degrees for 102 Seconds

Tests at a fusion reactor in China have hit a major milestone. The experiments have created plasma with a temperature of 90 million degrees …

Fusion Reactor

Australia scientists develop 'bionic spine' which could help paralysed patients walk

Device can be inserted in the brain – without brain surgery – and could allow paralysed patients to operate robotic limbs “using thought alone”

Scientists in Australia have developed a “bionic spine” which could enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again by controlling a tiny paper …


The Sky’s the Limit

I love to read. I give full credit to my mother, who also loved to read. When I had children of my own I determined to pass my love of reading on to …

San Francisco Bay Area

Fantastical Rainbow Clouds Dust the Skies at Sunset in the UK

Over Scotland and northern England on Tuesday night, residents witnessed an unusually colorful skyline. Following Storm Henry, the United Kingdom was engulfed by cold air that, when combined with high latitudes, allowed nacreous clouds to form. These masses are the result of a rare phenomenon that …


Noaa and Nasa team up to investigate strongest El Niño on record

America’s two leading climate science agencies are conducting an unprecedented survey via land, sea and air to investigate the current El Niño event and better understand its impact on weather systems that have brought both parched and soaking conditions to North America.

The project, which will …


What this scathing exchange between top scientists reveals about what nutritionists actually know

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the federal government's influential advice compendium, took more than a year to compile. It cites hundreds of scientific papers. It is built on the recommendations of an expert panel. The book shapes what millions of people eat.

Yet ever since it was …


Nuclear Fusion Hit a Massive Milestone in Germany

This story was translated from the original published by Motherboard Germany.

The Max Planck Institute in Greifswald reached a true milestone in physics and technical engineering today right in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s eyes. The brand-new reactor, an experimental stellarator design …


Drug to prevent ageing closer as scientists extend life of animals by 35 per cent

Mice who received a special compound to clear out the dead cells lived 35 per cent longer than those allowed to age normally

A drug to slow ageing has taken a step closer after scientists proved they could lengthen the lifespan of animals by up to 35 per cent.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have been …


The ways you’re most likely to die, at every age

Not to be morbid, but what are you likely to die from?

Nathan Yau of Flowing Data has created a fascinating interactive chart that shows the answer, according to statistics. Drawing on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Underlying Cause of Death database, Yau charted the …


Male scientists described in same demeaning way as female scientists

You know the stories about how close Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger came to never marrying? Chances are you haven't heard them, because nobody ever talks about Schrödinger's marriage when they discuss his work.

The same can't be said for female scientists, however. Twitter user …

Nobel Prize

Why doctors are swiping C-section babies with their mom's microbiome

Are babies that are born by caesarean section at a disadvantage when it comes to future health risks? And can doctors do anything about it?

A new study in Nature Medicine aims to answer those two questions.



An earlier version of this story said the study was published in the …


Ordinary Suburban Home Is Hiding a Luxurious Renaissance-Era Castle Inside

From the outside, this cream-colored home with a two-car garage in Newport, Oregon, looks like any other building on the block. Inside, however, is a totally different story—the chosen decor resembles the grandeur interior of an opulent Renaissance-era castle.

The thick, hand-carved doors and …

Interior Design

Studying the Heart of El Niño, Where Its Weather Begins

HONOLULU — A thousand miles south of Hawaii, the air at 45,000 feet above the equatorial Pacific was a shimmering gumbo of thick storm clouds and icy cirrus haze, all cooked up by the overheated waters below.

In a Gulfstream jet more accustomed to hunting hurricanes in the Atlantic, researchers with …


Scientists Are Allowed To Genetically Modify Human Embryos

UK agency has given approval to use CRISPR to modify embryos, a world-first

Scientists in the UK have gotten the go-ahead from a government agency to begin modifying human embryos — the fertilized egg that begets all human beings — using the increasingly popular gene-editing technique known as …


It’s the Little Things

Last week I was poking around downtown Redwood City, doing research for last Friday’s article and seeing whether there was anything new to report on. …

San Francisco Bay Area

Variations In A Gene Provide Clues About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia might be linked to a gene that tells the immune system to destroy too many connections in the brain, according to the results from a massive gene-focused research effort.

Scientists at Harvard University and the Broad Institute studied the genomes of 64,785 people around the world and …


Here's how much Google paid that guy who bought for a minute

Google’s own domain was bought from under its nose for $12 in October, and Google just revealed how much money it paid to get it back.

After seeing “” available for purchase on Google Domains, Sanmay Ved went for it, and owned the most iconic domain name of all time for a grand total of 1 …


All the Ways Humans Try to Kill Mosquitos—and Why We’re Still Losing

Zika has once again raised the question of how to stop mosquitoes from transmitting disease

For such a tiny creature, mosquitoes have caused humans untold misery for millennia. The insect, which measures no more than a few millimeters in length, has killed tens of millions of human beings by …


A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop

It was just a tiny speck, a single cell that researchers had marked with a fluorescent green dye. But it was the very first cell of what would grow to be a melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Never before had researchers captured a cancer so early.

The cell was not a cancer yet. But its …