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Why is intercultural understanding essential in schools today?


Truth or lie?

21 Apps & Web Based Language Learning Tools I Use and Love

by Shannon Kennedy 7 Comments<p>I’m often asked which language learning applications I use regularly and so I thought I’d put together a post where I …

How to speak Australian: The evolution of the Aussie accent

A Queensland linguistic researcher believes Australians have learnt to embrace their broad national accent and that "bogans feel solidarity" in the …

Indigenous language honoured as children join legendary songwriter Archie Roach on stage

Indigenous children from across the country have taken centre stage in Melbourne to sing songs in their native language.<p>The Dhungala Children's Choir …

Indigenous Peoples

10 Chinese Greetings That Will Make You Sound Like a Native

On By Hollie In Blog, Learner Tips, Vocabulary 8 Comments<p>It will only take 6 minutes to read this post! (May take longer to learn 😉 )<p>If you don’t …


Alliance Française French Film Festival

• Cast<br>• Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Macaigne, Hélène Vincent<p>Director<br>• Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache<p>Synopsis<p>The dynamic …


Changes to spellings of over 2,000 French words sparks outrage

Outrage has erupted in France after a language moderator approved changes to the spellings of thousands French words in an attempt to simplify the …

So what future does the French language have?

Those fanatical guardians of the French language over at the Académie Francaise have plenty to smile about these days.<p>Why? Because despite the …


12 nouns that are always plurals

If you, like me, are a half-ashamed watcher of various fashion reality shows, you might be familiar with phrases like <i>I’d like to pair this with a</i> …

Cosplay – einmal eine Fantasiefigur sein

Sie lieben Animes und Mangas so sehr, dass sie selbst auch mal eine Figur aus ihren Lieblingsserien sein wollen: Cosplayer verkleiden sich als …

French texts - ALL Literature Project

<b>List of all texts from novels</b><p>Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours (<p>An abbreviated stage performance is here …


German texts - ALL Literature Project

<b>List of all texts from novels</b><p>Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm (The lessons were inspired by the Ich Kann Lesen series from Paletti. <br>Stufe 1: …


Les Français ont consommé 819 millions de pizzas en 2015

En 2015, les Français ont conforté ainsi leur place de premiers consommateurs mondiaux de pizzas, ex-aequo avec les États-Unis. La Reine et la …


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English Prepositions:

Exploiting simple pictures for creative language use

GCSE and IGCSE revision links 2016

Client est roi ?

The expression <i>le client est roi</i> exists in French, but why?Published on Lawless French.


The Outrageous Story of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar

Many people don’t know the story behind the Chinese zodiac | 12生肖 | 12 Shēngxiào and how the Animal Years came to be. Well, pull up a chair and pour …

Food & Dining

8 Ways to Dramatically Accelerate Your Chinese Learning

When I first started learning Chinese in 2009, I followed the “traditional” language learning route. I went to classes, took notes and sat in my …

Language Learning

Japan gives Harry Potter the manga treatment

Characters from JK Rowling’s books are being turned into manga characters in a country which appears obsessed with the Hogwarts and the wizard world<p>Japan’s enduring fascination with Harry Potter has generated colossal box office receipts and book sales, and his very own theme park attraction.<p>This …

Giving Students a Well-Deserved Break- 13 Addictive Word Games

Ever thought learning vocabulary or grammar was dull? I’m pretty sure this thought never ever crossed your mind, but just in case you know someone …

Language Learning



10 Words to Speak Chinese like a Beijinger

1. Oneself<p>He ate his meal by himself. He didn’t ask anyone else to eat with him.<p>, It has the same meaning as .<p>2. Good Male Friend<p>Daming is my very …

Extreme Sports

Months of the year in #German: @deutsch_blog

Où est l'éléphant ?