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A Tale of Monogamy and Dopamine

In a recent hack, private information from nearly 30 million users was leaked from Ashley Madison, a “dating” website intended to facilitate …

Memory capacity of brain is 10 times more than previously thought

Salk researchers and collaborators have achieved critical insight into the size of neural connections, putting the memory capacity of the brain far …

Types of Memory - The Human Memory

<b>Types of Memory</b><p>Introduction<p><b>TYPES OF MEMORY</b><p>What we usually think of as “memory” in day-to-day usage is actually long-term memory, but there are also …

The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

So yea, you know how the left brain is really <i>realistic, analytical, practical, organized, and logical</i>, and the right brain is so darn <i>creative,</i> …

The Brain

Brains work via their genes just as much as their neurons

But the 21st-century science of genomics delivered a new surprise about the brain. Genomics examines the entire set of genetic information contained … Is For Sale

Watch: The Best Explanation of String Theory We've Seen

We get it now.<p>When it comes to physics, there are some pretty complicated ideas out there, but one of the most confusing is string theory, which …



幸福之旅 Is For Sale


  《般若波罗蜜多心经》,简称心经。是佛教大乘教典中,文字最短少,诠理最深奥微妙的经典。<p><b>般若波罗密多心经</b><p><b>guān zì zài pú sà 。</b><p>观 自 在 菩 萨 。(观察内在,自见菩萨)<p><b>xíng shēn bō rě bō luó mì duō shí 。</b><br>行 深 般 若 波 罗 蜜 多 时 。(深入的修行心经时)<p><b>zhào jiàn wǔ yùn jiē kōng 。</b><br>照 见 五 蕴 皆 空 。(看到五蕴:形相、情欲、意念、行为、心灵,都是空的)<p><b>dù yī qiē kǔ è 。</b><br>度 一 切 苦 厄 。(就将一切苦难置之度外)<p><b>shě lì zǐ 。</b><br>舍 利 子 。(菩萨对学生舍利子说)<p><b>sè bù yì </b> …


How Nerves Work

Like wires in your home's electrical system, nerve cells make connections with one another in circuits called <b>neural pathways</b>. Unlike wires in your …



How Are Human Traits Linked to Specific Brain Connections?

In November 2013, I wrote a <i>Psychology Today</i> blog post titled, “What Is the Human Connectome Project? Why Should You Care?” In recent weeks, some new …

How the Brain Controls Sleep

<b>Brain structure generates pockets of sleep within the brain.</b><p>Sleep is usually considered an all-or-nothing state: The brain is either entirely awake …



花旗蔘黑芝麻糊 @ 邦妮 :: 痞客邦

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25 Waterfalls Every Photo Lover Should Visit Before They Die

We don’t know what it is about falling water that enchants us photographers and photo lovers, but whether it’s the smooth sheets of a long-exposure …