Nicholas Kyriacopoulos

I am a qualified Nutritional Epidemiologist with strong publication background and relevant professional experience. My core strengths as nutritional epidemiologist include empirical data-analysis employing advanced statistical techniques like hierarchical modelling, survival analysis, and Gaussian graphical models. In the last few years, I have published manuscripts in high impact journals like International Journal of Epidemiology (Impact Factor 8.3), American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Impact Factor 6.5), and International Journal of Cancer (Impact Factor 7.2). For data analysis, I use softwares including SPSS, SAS, R, and MS excel. I have used all these softwares for the following procedures: SPSS (univariate analysis, linear regression), SAS (univariate analysis, linear regression, logistic regression, multi-level modelling, survival analysis, and data visualization), R (correlation, regression, Gaussian graphical modelling, multi-level modelling, and data visualization), excel (data entry, data m